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Latin America Resource
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Bible School and Ministerial Training

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Resource CenterRod and Sherry direct the Resource and Advisory Center that serve more than 900 Bible schools, extension and training centers throughout the 20 Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Headquartered in Panama City, the Resource Center offers a variety of services and helps including:

International Educational Leaders Dialogues are held in odd years.  The national Bible school directors, international ministry leaders, missionaries and some superintendents convene to report on activities in their countries and ministries, identify the areas of greatest need and develop preliminary plans to address these needs.  The group also begins planning the Summit that will take place the following year.

International Bible School Leaders Summits are held in even years, one for Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico, another for South America.  The four-day Summit offers a series of general sessions, workshops, inspirational services and other activities for the international and national leaders, Bible schools directors and professors.

National Strategic Dialogues convene the Bible school directors and the national Bible School Committee in a single country to assist with reaffirming historical values and priorities, developing a concise mission statement, identifying the component considered weakest and begin planning solutions.

Workshops PROCEPA (Program for Certification of Professors and Administrative Personnel) lead to certification by our Latin America Accreditation Association.  Workshops are offered at the International Summits as well as national training events.

El Spanish Website and Bulletin offer educational articles and promotional information for the activities of the Resource Center.  An email bulletin is sent to hundreds of educators throughout Latin America, advising them of new content on the website.  The full-color El Asesor Bulletin is printed once or twice a year, providing the same information as the website, but in printed form.

Consulting Services are offered to international and national leaders.  Rod serves as Coordinator for Christian Education Services, the educational ministries arm for the 20 countries in the Spanish-speaking Latin America and Caribbean region.

Please click on the menu Bible School to view articles and reports.