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Panama's Christian Schools and ChildHope
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Panama's schools offer transformationPANAMA'S SCHOOLS

We are convinced that the Christian school ministry offers the highest possible level of commitment to evangelism and discipleship.  Imagine the 30 or more hours given each week to children and youth, where teachers consider themselves "pastors" of their classrooms.  Most of the children and youth that attend come from a non-Christian home. 

Think about the hundreds of hours of ministry from church members and teachers that impact not only the lives of these students, but also mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and countless others.  Parents and family members attend practical workshops to assist them with real problems and concerns.  There they hear the gospel and a message of hope. 

We have seen the impact that the Christian school has on the individual child, family and even community!  The Christian school represents true transformation and requires commitment for the long haul.

2017 Panama Christian School Attendance

Panama continues to experience consistent growth in its Christian school program.  More and more churches and pastors are discovering that the Christian school is an effective evangelistic and discipleship ministry.  In the last ten years, total attendance has nearly doubled from 5,000 to almost 10,000 students, with strong prospects for continued growth for the years to come.  Growth is strongest in the junior high level.  Most of Panama schools have the name El Buen Pastor or the Good Shepherd Schools, known for quality and strong Christian values. 

There are currently 29 elementary schools, 22 junior highs (grades 7-9) and 9 senior highs (grades 10-12) located on 31 campuses throughout the country.  School locations and additional interesting facts can be found at the end of this article.  These new schools usually begin by offering kindergarten through first or second grade.  Then add a new grade each year. 

Duima girlsThe new schools and continued growth of existing schools demands ongoing construction of classrooms and other school facilities.  MAPS construction teams are needed and always welcome.  A list and description of current school building projects can be found on our School Projects page.

Two of our schools are Indian schools located in the mountains of northwestern Panama.  This mountainous country is home to the Ngobe Indians. Please pray for these two schools as the level of education is very low among the Ngobe and for adequate resources due to abject poverty.


Panama studentChildHope provides assistance to more than 800 of the 9,600+ children and youth in Panama's Christian schools, with more than 300 on the waiting list to receive help. Panama ChildHope partners with the Good Shepherd Schools of the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Panama to offer assistance to those in greatest need.  ChildHope assists nearly 100,000 children in 20 different countries in 300 different schools. In addition to a quality Christian education, ChildHope also assists with feeding and medical needs.

The heart of ChildHope is the team of individual sponsors who give $36 each month to assist their child with school costs. Panama currently has over 200 children who desperately need a sponsor. Can you help?  If so, you can now sponsor a Panama child online at or call our toll free number 1-800-289-7071. Or you can email the LACC office directly or feel free to email us. Be sure to ask for information on Panamanian children who need a sponsor. God bless you for your prayers and support of the children of Panama!


  • Panama studentPanama has 31 El Buen Pastor Christian School campuses with 29 elementary schools, 22 junior high schools and 9 senior high schools.

  • Combined enrollment for the schools in 2017 9,660--pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

  • The largest school is the Las Mananitas Good Shepherd School with 1,025 students!

  • ChildHope provides assistance to more than 800 of these children.

  • There are over 200 children waiting for a sponsor.

  • Panama's school year extends from March until Christmas. Children receive 215 days of instruction.

  • Most schools are located along or near the Pan American Highway. 

  • Most of Panama's Christian schools--18--are located in the Panama City area.  The farthest distance between these city schools is no more than 15 miles.

The two maps below show the locations of the Panama's Christian Schools.  Note: School 31 opened in Pacora in 2016!

Panama's Schools

Panama's Schools

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