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Latin America Resource
and Training Center

Meet the Morales Family
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Morales Family

We are pleased to announce that Miguel and Maria Morales have joined the Resource and Advisory Center staff. Miguel and Maria, along with their two daughters, Natalie and Nicole, have been serving as AGWM missionaries in Costa Rica. Miguel has been teaching in different Bible schools in Costa Rica, training and mentoring a new generation of ministers. He has been involved in establishing a new department for indigenous outreach, discipleship, and training in remote areas of Costa Rica. Miguel also has directed a growing discipleship ministry using Global University materials in local churches. Last year, he was appointed as Director of PROCEPA, the Bible School teacher training program for Latin America.   

Miguel was an integral part of the two Educator Summits this year and has shown himself as a quick study and hard worker.  Miguel has strong administrative gifts that will serve the multi-dimentional ministry of the Resource and Advisory Center.  Miguel and Maria have joined the Resource and Advisory Center team, and have also accepted an invitation to come to Panama!

The Morales family will be returning to South Florida for itineration ministry in churches during 2013.  Before returning to their new assignment in Panama during the first quarter of 2014, they will be required to raise cash offerings and additional monthly commitments from current and new supporting churches and individuals.

Miguel writes: “We are delighted to have joined the Resource and Advisory Center team. Christian education and training have been a vital part of our ministry from the start over fifteen years ago. It is a true honor and privilege to serve the Bible School leaders and teachers of Latin America, and help train and mentor new ministers of the Gospel in fulfillment of the Great Commission. Maria and I are so grateful for Rod and Sherry Boyd’s leadership, and the exciting opportunity to serve together with them.

We believe that Miguel and Maria are an answer to prayer for leadership for the Resource and Advisory Center.  Just as Larry and Dorothy Cederblom invited us to join the Center team back in 1995, we anticipate that Miguel and Maria will provide strong vision and leadership for the Center for years to come.  Please join us in welcoming the Morales family.  Please pray for them during their year of itineration in the States that God will help them raise their needed budget.