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Monumental Ministerial Training
Rod and Sherry Boyd

Monumental Ministerial TrainingWe’re so grateful for all who have stood with us in prayer and financial support these last few months! You have made possible monumental accomplishments in our ministerial training program across the Spanish-speaking Latin America / Caribbean region.

Monumental SUPPORT... $300,000 was given in just that last six months! The $200,000 anchor gift from a north central church covered the construction of the second floor of the housing building, adding 13 new guestrooms, laundry and guest laundry (see LARTC Progress, Plans and Present Focus on the reverse side). Then so many of you responded to the LARTC $50,000 Matching Challenge, helping us furnish guestrooms and laundry and continue construction of the Phase Three Atrium. And so many joined with us in praying for the two important meetings of educational leaders at the Center the middle of March.

Monumental Ministerial Training

Monumental Ministerial TrainingMonumental MEETING... Your support made it possible for the LARTC to fully host both the 2019 Educational Leaders Dialogue (March 11-14) followed by the International Leadership Team Meeting (March 15-16). We had 46 leaders attend representing 15 countries. This Dialogue was our largest ever! We housed our guests and Sherry and crew prepared delicious meals that helped us lower our costs by 60%! One of our former supertintendents shared, “We’re staying in the Five-Star Pentecostal Hotel!”

Monumental GROWTH... We enjoyed hearing both victories and challenges that each country faces in their ministerial training programs. This segment includes statistical information. We rejoice in the 12.6% increase from 47,750 in 2016 to 53,757 in 2018, an increase of more than 6,000 new harvest workers in training! We believe that God is going to use our Latin American brothers and sisters to reach our world!

Monumental Ministerial TrainingMonumental DEVELOPMENT... We’ve spent hundreds of hours during the last 20 months preparing to forge an agreement with two different Christian universities to provide an international accreditation covering. The Lord guided our deliberations and directed our steps, helping us to make two Acts 15:28 decisions... “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us...” In the coming months, we’ll share more about these strategic partnerships and why they are so important.

Monumental Ministerial TrainingMonumental GOALS... We challenged our leaders with Plan 2033. We are using the ocassion of the church’s 2,000 year birthday to set goals and identify challenges. As members of the Assemblies of God World Hispanic Fellowship’s Leadership Team, we hear church planting and missions program goals and projections and remind our leaders of how foundational training and preparation is to evangelism, church planting and missions. We have challenged our leadership team to hone our ministries to make them more relevant, responsive and ready for the growth that God will require for us to produce the number and kind of harvest workers that He needs for the harvest!

Monumental Ministerial TrainingMonumental PRAYER AND GIVING... Once again, thank you for praying and giving. Please don’t stop! The task is still unfinished! We need you more than ever to help us raise up Christian leaders throughout Latin America, to prepare global harvest workers who are shaping future generations.