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Little Davey Delivers 75 Computers
to Panama Schools

By Rod and Sherry Boyd

David and Deborah Kaiser returned to Panama in May for the 2011 Little Davey Project Computer Campaign. Through business and individual donations, Little Davey purchased internal components for 75 computers destined for seven different Good Shepherd Schools. Latin America ChildCare and participating schools purchased the external components. This is the sixth Little Davey campaign; three in Panama and the other three in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

This year’s team of 10 included six rookie members. The team arrived on Friday night and worked all day Saturday to assemble computers. This was the first time in the nine-year history of computer campaigns that we didn’t have a single component failure! Some advanced work to prepare the hard drive image for copying, good components and a great team helped us set a record: 63 computers were completed in just one day!

The team spent Sunday attending service, souvenir shopping, touring and visiting the Panama Canal. It was a relaxing day… the calm before the storm.

Deployments began on Monday morning. Each morning included devotions and time to share each school’s story and how the computers would be making a difference in the school and the lives of the individual children and youth (see Each School Has Its Story at the end of this article). The computers, monitors, battery back-ups, keyboards, mice, cables, tools and other supplies were loaded into the van. After arriving to the school, the whole team unpacked all the items and “staged” them in the computer room.

Half the team would then leave for classroom visits. These “English” presentations allowed team members to share about the Lord and about their lives in the “Great Pacific Northwest.” They gave a piece of candy to the kids and a gift bag to each teach filled with useful teaching supplies.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the team connected cables to the computers, ran network cables and started up and configured each computer. When the new “instant computer lab” was finished, a group of students were invited to sit at the new computers. The team presented soccer balls, donated by Nike, to the director of PE teacher. We then dedicated the new computers, praying for the kids and new computers.

Thank you, David and Deborah and Little Davey Team, for your generosity and good ministry. You’ve now given 360 computers in the last few years. You are making a difference—teaching technology to so many children and youth who otherwise would not receive this critical training. We can’t wait until next year!

Each School Has Its Story

Each of the following Good Shepherd Schools in Panama has its own story about how the computers that they received (number indicates quantity) will help make a difference in the school and in the lives of children and youth.


Little Davey 2011

Little Davey 2011

Little Davey 2011

Little Davey 2011

Little Davey 2011



The Story

Jehovah Jireh


More than 650 students occupying the new four-story school building in Panama City on the highway to the airport.  The new 15 computers double the size of the computer lab, make it competitive and modern enough for the high school computer major that is offered.



More than 150 in this new school in its fourth year located about an hour out of Panama City.  The 12 computers are added the 6 existing computers to offer fully functional computer lab.

Villa Grecia


Villa Grecia, located about 45 minutes from Panama City along the highway to Colon, is in its fifth year.  It has grown dramatically from 40 to 169 in very crowded facilities.  The 10 new computers added to the existing 8 provide a fully functional computer lab.  The church will soon begin construction on a new school building across the street.



This school, located about 30 minutes from Panama City, has 120 students.  The 10 new computers double the size of the computer lab and provide a fully functional computer lab.



This small school with 51 students located about an hour out of Panama City along the Pan American Highway is in its third year.  The 10 computers provide a brand new computer lab that will make the school that much more attractive to the community.



This small school with 80 students located about 30 minutes out of Panama City is in its third year in the fastest growing suburban area of Panama City.  The 10 computers provide a brand new lab for the school.

Oasis de Paz


This school in its fourth year with 117 students and is located in a poor, suburban area of Panama City.  The 6 computers join 9 others to provide a fully functional lab for this school.

de Jesús


BONUSWe were able to provide 3 computers to this new school of 126 that was without a computer lab.  This new school is a branch of the Canaan School, our largest with 887 students!