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Alabama MAPS Team Blesses Doleguita
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Alabaster at DoleguitaThe El Buen Pastor School at Doleguita needed a miracle. A group of 20 men and women from First Assembly of God in Alabaster, Alabama provided it! This Latin America ChildCare school, located in northwest Panamá, just 30 miles from the Costa Rica border, started last year with kindergarten and 1st grade. Now they needed a classroom for its new 2nd grade class. The Alabaster MAPS construction team, here March 1st through 9th, laid block, built a roof, and poured the concrete floor and walkway. They also began restrooms which will be needed for the next phase.

Alabaster at DoleguitaWhy would a group of men and women take several days vacation from work, pay their own travel expense, and help raise funds for the cost of construction materials? Many had previous MAPS experience, a few had been on as many as 10 trips before. Their love for God and desire to be used of Him was evident during their week in Panamá. The group brought bags and bags of candy and sports caps from various college and professional teams, and gave them to workers and neighborhood kids during the week.

The church expressed their thanks to the team in a concluding service the final evening. It was an emotional time. Barry Franks, Children's Pastor and team leader for the Alabaster group told the church that for months the church has had the Panamá flag in the sanctuary, praying for the school at Doleguita. There was no language barrier between Aixa, the director of the school, and the team as she hugged and thanked each team member, crying the whole time. The “teary time” for the team was the next day as they said good-bye to the workers. They presented an offering to each worker and some gave them their tools and shoes.

Alabaster at DoleguitaThank you, Alabaster First Assembly, for blessing Doleguita. That little school which started with 16 students last year, now has nearly 40. Another miracle will be needed by next March as the 3rd grade is added. And the story of Doleguita is repeated throughout Panamá. Each of our schools needs a miracle. Please pray with us that classroom and construction needs will be met, so that we can effectively reach the children of Panamá with the gospel.