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Real HOPE for Panama Schools
Rod and Sherry Boyd

The Panama ChildHope ministry serves more than 30 Good Shepherd Schools across the country, each one an outreach ministry of a local Assemblies of God church in its community. Two of these schools are located in the Ngobe Bugle communites of Duima and Soloy. This indigenous tribal group is located in the northwestern part of Panama and is considered to be one of the most impoverished and marginalized people groups in Panama.

These two schools receive special help to function, not only from ChildHope, but from churches and national church ministries throughout Panama. Even though all Panamanian schools, both public and private, are still operating with virtual classes, because of the poor Internet service in the region, the Duima and Soloy schools have received special permission to offer a hybrid program this year to better serve the children and families in the school.

ChildHope provides almost all of the operational support to these schools. Even so, we’re grateful to local churches and ministries that partner to help with special outreaches and needs. Melissa, our local ChildHope sponsorship coordinator, recently accompanied one of those ministries to Duima and Soloy. The outreach included purchasing and distributing gifts, backpacks and schools supplies for the children, as well as food and provisions for families, including masks.

Since the outreach coincided with the beginning of the school year, the teachers from the two schools joined the team as they canvassed the community to visit children and families from the school. They prayed with each child and family, explained the hybrid teaching model and scheduled, and encouraged them to return to class.

The team also provided special assistance to Marilin and her family. She is a student at Duima Good Shepherd School. Marilin was bitten by a poisinous snake a few weeks ago and spent weeks in the hospital. She was released several days ago, but is still paralized from the bite. Several churches and ministries have rallied around this family, helping them rent a home closer to the clinic and even purchasing a bed, wheelchair and special food and supplies for the little girl.

One of our ChildHope sponsors recently gave a large offering to help these schools with the expenses related to re-opening post Covid-19. ChildHope is doing the same to provide some assistance to all of our schools throughout the country.

We say thank you to the many ChildHope sponsors who give each month to help one or more children receive a quality Christian education. You are making a difference at this difficult time of need.

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