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SCCS Students Make a Difference in Panama
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

SCCS TeamEleven students and three teachers from Snohomish County Christian School made a lasting impact on more than 1,000 Panamanian students the week after Easter. Both Stephanie and Jennifer attended this school during their sophomore years (1993-94 and 1998-99). We had talked about this outreach for many years with teacher Carl Aardsma. It finally happened! The team was well prepared. 

The team based their work at the El Buen Pastor School at Las Mananitas. They spent two days painting inside and outside walls. They spent another day sharing a chapel with the school’s 400 elementary students. They shared both Spanish and English songs, shared testimonies, and presented a drama called “The Redeemer.” The drama clearly presented the choices students face and the victory we have in Christ.

SCCS TeamThe team also shared in a chapel with the two Panama City secondary schools. After testimonies and the drama presentation, the Panamanian students were allowed to ask questions of SCCS students who were seated as a panel on the platform. Rod served as moderator, interpreting the questions and answers. Panamanian young people have a distorted picture of American youth due to the influence of television, movies and music.

The SCCS students were able to share about their commitment to Christ and show the other side of American youth culture. The high school classes invited the SCCS students to visit for a time of prayer and fellowship. Some of the Central Secondary School students invited the boys back for a basketball game.

SCCS TeamA fourth day of ministry was spent mostly in two public schools. The SCCS students joined with 20 sixth grade students from the El Buen Pastor Elementary School in San Miguelito for a distribution of Scripture and evangelism materials in two public elementary schools in San Miguelito. The SCCS team presented the drama and shared testimonies. In one of the schools, we were given opportunity to share the plan of salvation and lead the whole school in a salvation prayer. Following this presentation the public school students mobbed the SCCS students for their autograph. The team then returned to the El Buen Pastor Elementary School for a chapel with their 250 students.

SCCS TeamAfter an afternoon of touring the Canal and shopping the team came to our house for dinner and “debriefing.” We were reminded about how impressionable teenagers really are. These students had had a life-changing experience. They had been called upon to serve as Christ’s Ambassadors and did so with distinction. We believe some will even choose to serve the Lord as missionaries. We talked about the possibility of forming a “sister school” relationship between Panama and SCCS. One thing is for sure: these SCCS and Panamanian hearts are forever linked.

Thank you, teachers Carl, Leslie and Heather, and students Beth, Jen, Kristi, Jen, Chris, Mike, Matt, Mark, Bryce, Josh and David. You did make a difference in the lives of many Panamanian students and teachers!