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2006 Summit: Bible School Leaders Meet in Argentina
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

2006 Summit Argentina

2006 Summit ArgentinaTwo months ago, 215 Bible school leaders from 12 countries gathered in San Pedro Sula, Honduras for the "Cumbre" 2006 North. Cumbre is the Spanish word for summit, the name we've given to the international Bible school conferences. The Honduras Summit surpassed the previous attendance record by more than 40 people. Unfortunately, the six most southern of the Spanish-speaking countries of South America—Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina—have not been able to participate in the previous international events due to the high cost of airfare. More than a year ago we began planning an international event for these countries.

2006 Summit ArgentinaLast week we concluded the first-ever Cumbre 2006 South. 108 Bible school leaders from 9 countries attended the four-day event held at the Rio de la Plata Bible School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We followed the same theme and program that we used in Honduras, utilizing speakers and workshop leaders from the “southern cone” countries for the most part. We were grateful for the 19 missionaries who attended from five countries.

The theme, A New Face for the Bible School, added to the historic nature of the event. Three “symposiums,” conducted during the mornings of the Summit, provided the foundational teaching. Each symposium lasted three hours and included an intensive hour of presentation of material followed by a variety of activities that encouraged the application of the material. The three symposiums covered:

  • 2006 Summit ArgentinaImmersed in Postmodernism helped each participant understand contemporary changes in society that affect both the church and Bible school.

  • Vision-Mission for Ministerial Training focused on the need to develop a clear mission statement in order to discern what changes should be resisted and those that should be adopted. Finally,

  • Maneuvering the Turbulent Waters of Change provided a basic understanding of change and human nature with practical principles for innovation and implementing change. Rod taught this symposium.

Ten different workshops were offered on topics such as:

  • “Out of the Box” Educational Leaders

  • Be an Effective Professor

  • Strengthening the Local Church-Bible School Relationship

  • Emerging Educational Models

  • Wanted: Writers

  • Up-to-date Teaching Methods

  • Applying Modern Technology

2006 Summit ArgentinaIn addition, the program included a variety of general sessions including a forum on accreditation, two panels on books/resources for Bible Schools and Assemblies of God institutions and educational services, plus a number of 10-minute capsules featuring educational ministries and services.

The general superintendents from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay preached during the evening services. Each considered a different aspect of the New Face theme, taken from 2 Corinthians 2-4, with 3:18 as the theme verse. The Lord moved in a very special way on Wednesday night.  Uruguay Superintendent Roberto Mairena shared his heritage in Bible school and the prototype “Bible Schools” in the Bible… very interesting! He challenged us seek to reflect God’s glory.

2006 Summit ArgentinaThe Summit closing dinner was a typical Argentine meal in a nearby restaurant that included lots of meat dishes. We didn’t know it was possible to eat so many parts of a cow! The celebration included door prizes (provided by sponsoring publishers and ministries) and the presentation of certificates and the group photo.

The slogan of the Bible School Resource and Advisory Center is “connecting and training educational leaders.” We are committed to providing an international platform that helps to broaden perspectives, encourage teamwork and acknowledge contributions. We have a big family! Thousands of professors from more 900 Bible schools and extension sites are actively training tens of thousands of current and future servants of God.

2006 Summit ArgentinaEach international event leaves its own distinct mark. From time to time we receive notes of thanks following an event. They remind us that we are making a difference. One such note arrived a few days ago from missionaries Martin and Charlotte Jacobson who direct the Bible school in the Chubut province of southern Argentina. They write,

Dear Rod & Sherry,

We want to say a huge THANK YOU for all that we received at the Cumbre Educativa in Buenos Aires last week!!!! It was an awesome experience for us and the 12 pastors, pastors’ wives and teachers from southern Argentina that accompanied us to the event. During the week and as we traveled the 1,000 miles south, we heard many comments of deep appreciation for all the training, encouragement, guidance, fellowship, times of worship and ministry, and plain fun that took place.

Charlotte and I sense that it was an historic event for the Patagonian Bible Institute. We believe that much fruit will be seen in the coming days, months, and years for the glory of God.

We thank you both for your very loving and encouraging manner at all times during the Cumbre and for the way you involved so many nationals and missionaries in the Cumbre. It was so enriching to receive from so many different leaders from each of the countries represented.

May God continue to strengthen and mightily bless your ministry as Directors of the Resource and Advisory Center. 

So very grateful,

Martin & Charlotte Jacobson
Director, Instituto Biblico Patagonico
Gaiman, Chubut -- Argentina

Once again, we want to say thank you for praying and giving. Your faithful support makes training events like these possible. Each participant sacrificed to pay the $85 registration that mostly covered their housing, meals and materials. Each left with $25 or more worth of books and materials. Your support of our ministry covers our own expense of travel and stay and allows us to subsidize these events, putting them within reach of our national leaders. Thanks for your continued prayer and financial support for the ministry of the Bible School Resource and Advisory Center.