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Shoreline Team "Takes it to a New Level" at Tocumen
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Shoreline at TocumenWorking on the good foundation laid by the team from Bethany Christian Assembly, Everett, WA (See Bethany Team Launches Tocumen School Construction), a group of 23 from Shoreline Community Church (Seattle, WA), led by MAPS construction coordinator Glen Eggebraaten, continued construction on the Tocumen Living Water Christian School from October 5-15. Whereas the Bethany team built two classrooms on the ground floor, the Shoreline team built "over the top," focusing on laying block on the second story. They worked side by side with men and young people from the church.

Shoreline at TocumenA new second story floor was finished during the months of August and September. In addition, the columns, I-beams, and floor joists and decking for the third story floor were finished, providing the Shoreline team with protection from the rain and sun. The team was able to finish about 95% of the block and bond beam work for four classrooms on the second story. In addition, the team laid plumbing pipe, poured the floor and started the block work on the two first story restrooms.

The large team worked very well together. Each member of the mixed team--13 men, 6 women, 3 teens and 1 child--worked hard, each finding his or her place of ministry with no complaint! We were especially impressed with the hard-working Forsyth family--dad and mom, two 15-year old twin girls and a 10-year old girl. Jennifer had the "special" ministry of serving as school "mascot" during her visit. She always had a crowd of children around her.

Shoreline at TocumenThe team was very sensitive to the needs of the children, always taking time to greet and hug the children, and passing out candy, of course! The team responded to the need for sponsors. The team selected nine children. Sponsors and children were presented to the school at a special chapel. The chapel featured songs, discourses and Panamanian traditional dance.

In addition, the team spontaneously received an offering for the children, raising more than $400 to purchase "goody bags" for each of the 300 children in the school. Thanks to the efforts of Norm Lenshaw--a member of the Bethany team from July--each bag included a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, donated by a local Lynnwood dentist. The bags also included a booklet on the life of Christ in narrative and comic book format. Each bag also had a special pencil, popcorn, granola bar and candy. These bags were passed out at the end of the chapel.

Shoreline at TocumenAnother highlight was the lunch on the closing day. The combined Shoreline and Panamanian construction crew ate together and shared about their experiences. Pastor Carlos shared a devotional on the peace and unity of God.

Thanks to the efforts of Shoreline, combined with other teams, the Tocumen Living Water School facilities will double and will allow the school to grow to more than 500 children and young people. Thank you, Shoreline Community Church, for your investment of time and money. It is an investment that will pay eternal dividends!

Shoreline at Tocumen

Shoreline at Tocumen

Shoreline at TocumenShoreline at Tocumen

Shoreline at Tocumen

Shoreline at Tocumen

Shoreline at Tocumen

Shoreline at Tocumen