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LARTC Is Taking Shape
Rod and Sherry Boyd

With the addition of the Phase Three Atrium floor and columns and the Phase Four Training/Administration roof and first floor outside wall, the Latin America Resource & Training Center is taking shape. 

PHASE THREE ATRIUM.  The 6,600 sq. ft. Atrium connects both levels of the training and administration wing with both levels of the housing wing.  The Atrium is the gathering area for LARTC, featuring a tall 30 foot ceiling height that makes a strong architectural statement of height in contrast to the long width of the two wings.

The front of the Atrium serves as the main LARTC entrance with a reception and lobby.  Narrower in the font than the back, it opens up to a large auditorium that will seat up to 250 people, 200 for meals.  Behind the back wall is a row of rooms that include a meal staging room, restrooms and storage.  A staircase, located behind the reception area on the left, goes up to the 40 x 16 ft second floor mezzanine.  Both sides of the mezzanine have a 6-1/2 ft walkway along the wall to connect to the center hallways of the two wings.

 Two larger offerings have helped us accelerate Atrium construction and complete the following:

  • Pour the main floor concrete slab.

  • Frame and build sheetrock column facades, 6 inside and 5 along the front.

  • Stucco inside and outside Atrium walls to be completed by the end of the month.

  • Purchase I-beam, purlin and decking material for the 1,050 sq ft mezzanine

  • Purchase porcelain floor tile and materials for the Atrium floor and mezzanine and subway tile and materials for the 11 columns.

  • Downpayment on the glass for the back and front and two sets of double glass doors in the front.

Please pray with us that additional funds will be given to finish the stucco and base paint work, pour the mezzanine concrete floor, build the stairs, finalize glass/door purchase and install the floor and column tile.

Future work will include stainless and glass railings for the mezzanine and stairs, electrical and lighting, bathroom fixtures, air conditioning and other furnishings and features.

PHASE FOUR TRAINING/ADMIN ADDITION.  Eastridge Church (Issaquah, WA) blessed us with a generous offering and hardworking team that helped to purchase and construct the large columns, roof and exterior walls of the training/administration building addition and a storage/workshop located behind the addition (please see Eastridge Launches LARTC Phase 4 Construction).  A Missouri church will be sending a team in early October to lay block on the second floor exterior walls.

Please pray that additional funds will be given to purchase and place the I-beams, purlins and decking and pour the concrete floor, required for the team to complete its work.  When completed the addition will provide 4,800 sq. ft. for classrooms and administration (2,400 per floor).

PHASE TWO COMMERCIAL KITCHEN.  We're grateful for offerings that have come in from a variety of ministries to outfit the new commercial kitchen.  Commercial appliances (ordered and to be delivered the end of the month!) include six-burner range/ standard oven, convection oven, griddle, grill, frier, dishwasher, stainless pre-wash and wash tables with a triple sink, refrigerator, freezer and icemaker.  Work has begun on the 14 foot hood/extractor over the cooking area and hood over the dishwasher and will be installed before the appliances are delivered.  We're in the process of selected upper and lower cabinets for one corner of the kitchen as well as cabinet bases, counter with double sink for one of two islands.  The second island will be formed by stainless tables, open underneath for storage and serving carts.  We hope to finish work in June.

 WE NEED YOUR HELP!  In addition to work on the Atrium and Training/Admin addition, we continue work on the perimeter security wall and have other projects pending like the entrance and building facade and painting.  Your offerings are very much needed to continue this work.  Please visit the secure A/G Giving Portal to contribute by credit card. 

Together we are raising up Christian leaders throughout Latin America who in turn will train thousands of harvest workers.