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Latin America Resource
and Training Center

Boyds Become Directors of Resource and Advisory Center

The Resource and Advisory Center for Bible Schools in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Resource and Advisory Center opened its doors in January 1996 in Panama City. Missionaries Larry and Dorothy Cederblom, serving in Panama for many years, responded to the request of the national churches in Latin America to help the Bible schools. We have been working with the Cederbloms almost from the very beginning, serving as advisors for the first several years.

The Resource and Advisory Center has an excellent part-time staff that help serve the Bible schools of Latin America and the Caribbean in the following ways:

Facilitate—Bring leaders together for international dialogues and forums on current issues

Training—International and national conferences, seminars and consultations

Resources—Research, evaluate and produce new resources and helps (articles, books, videos, etc.)

Communication—Make resources and helps available via the Internet and publications (You can visit our website at: The site is in Spanish, but there is an English version of the main page.)

The Cederbloms asked us a few years ago if we would be interested in leading this ministry in the future. Our single focus has been to raise up Christian leaders. Bible school ministry is truly the center of our call as missionaries.

We have been preparing for this transition for the last three years. We became co-directors a year and a half ago. We assumed the position of director on September 1st last year. The Cederbloms will stay on as advisors through March 2005.

We’re grateful for the vision and wisdom of Larry and Dorothy. We are praying that the Lord give us wisdom and favor with church and Bible school leaders in the various countries of Latin America and the Caribbean as we help them to sharpen the best ministry training tool available today—the Bible school. Please pray for us and for the Center. Pray that the budget needs of the Center will be met as we travel raising funds.

The Resource and Advisory Center (RAC) for Bible Schools was recently recognized for its contribution to ministerial training. Fifty delegates (including the Boyds and Cederbloms from the RAC) from twenty Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean attended the triennial meeting of the international educational ministry arm of the Assemblies of God called Christian Education Services, held the first week of September 2003 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The group voted unanimously to recognize and approve the ministry of the RAC and appointed Rod to serve as International Advisor for the Bible School level. He will serve as a member of the administrative committee of Christian Education Services and will serve as chairman of the Bible School Commission with six representatives from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Rod in Cuba

Resource and Advisory Center