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Eastridge Church Launches
LARTC Phase Four Construction

Rod and Sherry Boyd

Thank you Pastor Larry Murrell and Eastridge Church (Issaquah) MAPS Construction Team! You launched construction of the 5,200 sq. ft. Phase Four Training/Administration Building Addition. Our two years of use have helped us identify how best to utilize this new space! The addition will provide three new classrooms, a larger library, future elevator, additional bathrooms, flexible administration space and a shop/storage room.

Eastridge Launches Phase 4 Constructioin

The generous construction offering from Eastridge allowed us to erect columns, begin second floor crossbeams, trusses, purlins and roofing sheets. What a blessing to have the roof on before the team arrived! This protected the team from not only extreme heat, but also from the first downpour of the season.
The team worked side-by-side with our Panamanian crew to lay the first floor exterior block walls (including a large storage/shop room), the second story wall that is shared with the atrium and extend the perimeter security wall an additional 100 feet! It was impressive to see how much they accomplished and how quickly this small group worked.

The team also spent two mornings assisting with the distribution of NTV Action Bibles in three schools, with more than 600 children who not only received a beautiful hard cover Bible that includes more than 100 full-color pages of Bible stories inserted alongside the Bible text, but also encouragement to: 1) take care of and respect their new Bible, 2) read and study their new Bible, and most importantly 3) unconditionally obey God’s Word.

The team also ministered at the Christ Refuge and Salvation Church, a new church located at the entrance of the LARTC property. One year ago, the Bakersfield First Assembly conducted a medical outreach in the new building. Pastor Larry ministered to more than 75 members of this new, growing congregation.

The team enjoyed a day of touring Panama City, visiting the “old helmet” French Quarters, the Panama Canal and the Gamboa Rainforest Reserve exhibits.
Thank you Pastor Larry, Don, Allie, Linda, Keith, Linda, Zachary and Dagney, for your incredible investment in LARTC and in Panama!

Eastridge Launches LARTC Phase 4

Eastridge Launches LARTC Phase 4

Eastridge Launches LARTC Phase 4

Eastridge Launches LARTC Phase 4

Eastridge Launches LARTC Phase 4