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LARTC Update... Finishing Well
Rod and Sherry Boyd

LARTC 20182019 is just days away!  Transitioning from one year to the next always provides moments to both think back and think forward.  One of my spiritual fathers told me (Rod) many years ago, "People won't remember how you start, just how you finish... So finish well."  That's still great advice!

We are finishing 2018 very well!  As we look back at how God has provided for the construction of the Latin America Resource & Training Center, we continue to be amazed by His miraculous provision.  We have had three main areas of focus in 2018:

  1. LARTC 2018Atrium.  January through April we installed the Atrium foundation, roof columns, roof, back-left wall and upper side-wall stucco.  The open space defined by the high roof makes quite a statement!

  2. Drainage.  May through August we installed building gutters, downspouts, underground drain pipes and culverts.  Lake LARTC has dried up and the torrential tropical rain water is being effectively managed.

  3. Housing.  Construction resumed in October on the second floor of the Phase Two Housing Building.  We continue to see significant progress from week to week. All block, stucco and plumbing work was completed by the end of November with base paint.  All windows were installed and electrical work was completed by mid-December.  Floor tile and suspended ceiling work has been completed in seven rooms.  The other seven rooms should be far along by the end of the year.  Thirty-nine 30" wide closet units have been built and will be installed in the next couple of weeks, three units in each of the 13 new guestrooms.

$50,000 Matching Fund.  The housing work has been accomplished thanks to a significant offering received from a church in the midwest.  Current construction progress stands at 70% overall (see graphic below), up from about 53% the end of 2017.  We have enough funds to finsih construction of the housing building, but still need help to furnish it!  We have purchased closets, but will need help to purchase beds, nightstands and desks for the 13 rooms.  Half of the matching fund will go to this need.  The other half will be used to continue construction of the Atrium.  As of December 20th, we've received $7,220 that with the match totals $14,440.  The match will continue until March 1st.  We DO need your help.  Please visit to give your offering.  Buy a twin bed and mattress set for $450.00, the match pays for a second!  Thank you for your help!

LARTC 2018

LARTC 2018Looking ahead to 2019.  We have sufficient funds to complete construction of the second floor of the housing building that will provide 13 new guestrooms, maid's room/storage and guest laundry.  Following is a list of the work that remains:

  • Floor tile and suspended ceiling work will be completed in the remaining seven rooms.

  • Interior doors, lighting and painting.

  • Bathroom fixtures and countertops have been purchased and will be installed.

  • Kitchenette cabinets will be installed in the two suite units.

 All work should be completed by February 15th, just in time for us to host the 2019 International Dialogue for Educational Leaders.  We are expected 35-40 National Superintendents, National Cristian Education Directors and our International Ministry Training Team to attend.  Our ability to host this meeting saves us thousands of dollars!

Priority projects

  1. LARTC 2018Atrium.  If all funds come in for the matching campaign, we will have $50,000 to continue Atrium construction.  Our first priority is to enclose the front and back of the Atrium that will secure the entire building.  Work will begin on the stairs and bridge/mezzanine that will connect the second floors of the Training/Administration and Housing buildings.  Our hope is to be able to complete the flooring, plumbing, electrical, furnishings and some additional features by the end of 2019, making the Atrium useable.  Total cost is estimated at $150,000.

  2. LARTC 2018Commercial Kitchen.  We also need to purchase cabinets and appliances for the commercial kitchen located on the first floor of the housing building.  We continue to pray that a women's ministries group or groups would adopt the new kitchen!  We estimate the cost at approximately $30,000.

  3. Phase Four - Training/Administration Building Addition.  Based upon teams and funding, we may also start construction of the 4,800 sq. ft. addition on the back side of the Training/Administratiion building.

LARTC 2018Once again, we thank all who have been a part of this dream.  We have frequently described the LARTC project as a field of dreams.  Even our dream has a limited view of sight.  We aren't able to look around the curve.  But God has known all along how this new Center will bless hundreds of leaders and thousands of teachers, providing them with a reasonably priced venue for training and inspiration, and a clearinghouse for resources and services.

Please agree with us in faith that God will provide the final 30% to finish the dream.  Help us finish well!

LARTC 2018