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LACC Christmas at Soloy
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Soloy Christmas  Soloy Christmas  Soloy Christmas
The Soloy Good Shepherd School opened in March 2008 with 53 children. The school nearly doubled in 2009, ending the school year in December with 97 children, kindergarten to third grade. Soloy is a very poor Guaymi Indian village located in the foothills of the mountains in northwest Panama. The children live very hard and humble lives. For many of these children, the only food they eat is what we prepare for them at the school.

Guaymi children know about Christmas. We teach them about the Christmas story—the coming of the Savior who offers us hope. And they’ve heard about the tradition of giving Christmas presents. But most of these children had never been given a Christmas present; that is until they came to our school.

Thanks to the faithfulness and generosity of LACC sponsors all 97 children received a Christmas present! If you are one of these sponsors, we hope that these pictures will help to express their joy and thankfulness. Can you imagine the smiles on the faces of these children when they received the first Christmas present of their lives? The whole school enjoyed a fun Christmas party with a special meal, piñatas and fun games. Most importantly, they heard again the story of Jesus coming to earth as the Savior of all people.

Most of the Soloy school children still need an LACC sponsor. Just $32 per month can keep these kids in school where they learn that Jesus can change their heart and their lives. We are all about inspiring minds and transforming hearts! Would you consider sponsoring one of these children? Please visit the LACC Panama page to choose your child today.

Please pray for the children of the Soloy Good Shepherd School. Pray for the teachers and the director. Pray for construction needs as a new classroom will be need next year for the 4th grade.
Soloy Christmas

 Soloy Christmas

Soloy Christmas

   Soloy Christmas Soloy Christmas Soloy Christmas