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Latin America Resource
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Three Week Latin America Resource & Training Center Construction Blitz
Rod and Sherry Boyd

LARTCLatest 2017-Feb-18 LARTC Construction Update Video!

Our ongoing emphasis continues to be construction of the Latin America Resource & Training Center (  Last month we shared the big picture of what has been accomplished in just one year.  This brief report is the construction blitz that has taken place over a three-week period, from January 14th to February 4th, 2017!  We hope you'll take time to view the two videos prepared, one at the beginning, the other at the end.  All of the photos and video we have are in those two reports.

2017-Jan-14 LARTC Construction Update Video

2017-Feb-04 LARTC Construction Update Video

Phase One Building Finish Work.  The three weeks didn't see drastic changes in structure, but certainly striking changes in appearance! 

Second floor is priority to prepare for the office move... All floor tile has been finished on the second floor and on the stairs.  Power is on in the building.  Lights have been installed.  The first coat of the finish paint has been applied.  Door jams are being installed and doors will be hung in the next few days.  The window manufacturer delayed delivery of the windows, but they should arrive on Wednesday.  Air conditioning equipment has been delivered and is in process of being installed.  We are still believing for a February 20 office move to the new facilities.

First floor tile base is prepared and tile will be laid in the next two weeks.  Suspended ceiling is 40% complete and will continue.  Exterior security doors have been installed.

Phase Two Building is Launched.  We purchased materials and authorized work to begin on the Phase Two Building on January 14th.  In one week's time 15 column footings were excavated and half of them poured.  By January 28th all were poured and most back-filled.  Taking advantage of the heavy equipment, we cleared some land at the edge of the property by the back hill and with the excavated dirt that remained extended the front side of the property 25-30 feet.  By Feb. 4th, all column footings were back-filled with the pedestal iron plate welded in place to place the 15 I-beam columns.  Anti-seismic foundation beams are 50% complete.  In addition, the area behind the Phase One building was re-leveled and graveled for temporary parking. 

The 15 columns will soon be erected and welded into place.  We will be purchasing the heavy I-beam material used to manufacture the four long crossbeams.  Additional support beams will welded in place, metal deck laid, rebar grid laid out and the concrete floor will be formed and poured by the middle of March.

The Portland Christian Center MAPS Construction Team will be arriving the last week of March to begin block work on the first floor of the new building that will include a kitchen, 10 guestrooms, laundry and a large storage room that will be used as a temporary dining hall.

The first floor must be finished and ready by the end of July to house 40-50 pastors and leaders who will spend the month of August in four weeks of advanced training.

Thank you... to all who faithful pray for us and for this important project and who sacrificially give.  Please don't stop!  As mentioned, our next big purchase is the iron I-beams that support the second floor and roof.  The price of building materials has been quite volatile.  Miraculously, we are buying at a time when they are a lower price.  Still, we will need $38,500 to purchase the I-beams, rebar, metal deck and welding supplies.  If you are able to help, please click on this link to the secure Assemblies of God giving page.  Or send your offerings to:

Assemblies of God World Missions
LARTC - Project 14295
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO  65802

Thank you for standing with us as we raise up Christian leaders throughout Latin America, who in turn are raising up an army of harvest workers destined for the four corners of our world!