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Portland Christian Center Builds at Canaan
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Portland CC at CanaanSixteen men and women joined a split squad from Portland (OR) Christian Center to build classrooms at Canaan Good Shepherd School. Classrooms are desperately needed to keep up with this schools accelerated growth. The Portland team is the most experience construction team we’ve ever worked with. They are good… and fast. 

Portland CC at CanaanPastor Julio Jaramillo did a good job of making sure preliminary foundation and column work was finished before the team arrived. Team leader David Martin noted that they were able to accomplish more the first day of work here than on any other project they’ve had. By the end of the first week the team had finished blocking three classrooms, a small teacher’s room and had poured the second story floor! The first week concluded with a farewell service for the seven leaving. It was a beautiful service. The members of the group that were leaving were honored with a gift from the church and school.

The small church was filled beyond capacity. The chPortland CC at Canaanurch is located about a half-mile from the school on a postage stamp lot. There is no parking. The church has been praying about how to accommodate growth. A building supply company across the street from the school closed recently and the property is for sale. The church has been praying for a miracle. In a step of faith, the team announced that if the church bought the property the team would return to build a church! More on that later.

Portland CC at CanaanWe picked up three new team members after the service, arriving for the second week of work. The combined team enjoyed a fun weekend of touring and shopping. After we dropped off the seven leaving, the second week crew moved to another school for two days. The Jireh Good Shepherd School started the same year as Canaan. If has seen steady growth each year. The school stepped out in faith for two new classrooms this year. In just two days, the Portland team worked to complete about 75% of the blocking work. This push made the difference for this school. With school starting in less then a week, this team’s work help the school finish the rooms in time for classes.

Portland CC at CanaanThe team returned to Canaan for three more days of work. They finished an outer passageway half-height wall around half of second story and began blocking the stairwell. They also helped prepare the way for the Bethany team by laying the first course for the walls of the second-story chapel. A second farewell service was held at the school the last Friday night. Pastor Julio presented David and Pastor Ray with a plaque of appreciation, and then each team member with a gift. The team presented the ladies from the kitchen and the workers with gifts and tools, including quilts made by the ladies of Portland CC. At the end of the service we had a special time of prayer to dedicate the new classrooms. It was an emotional time for all of us.

Portland CC at CanaanThank you, Pastor Bill Wilson, team leader David Martin, Pastor Ray, Nate, Joyce, Randy, Lynne, George, Shelby, Mike, Carrie, Don, Vic, Ken, Sherry and Jim. You blessed Canaan and you blessed us!

David wrote recently and has tentatively scheduled a team for the last two weeks of March 2001 to build the church across the street. Negotiations are taking place and we hope to have the property purchased within the next few months. We look forward to having this team back to build this church. In the meantime, please continue to pray for Pastor Julio, Director Ana and the teachers and children of the Canaan School.

Portland CC at Canaan Portland CC at Canaan

Portland CC at Canaan

Portland CC at Canaan

Portland CC at Canaan

Portland CC at Canaan

Portland CC at Canaan

Portland CC at Canaan