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2015 Little Davey Project
Blesses Guatemalan Schools

By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Little Davey Guatemala

We were privileged to join the 2015 Little Davey Project team in Guatemala in July. The team of eight was led by Little Davey founder David Kaiser. Their mission was Little Davey Guatemalato assemble 75 computers and distribute them to six schools over four days. Missionaries Daren and Heidi Walker, Latin America Childcare Coordinators for Guatemala, not only hosted us, but took care of every detail to ensure that everything was ready to build the computers and later install the computer labs in the schools.

Daren and Heidi purchased the larger components (case, monitor, keyboard, mouse and UPS) in country. We arrived on Wednesday to finalize preparations. Because of a problem with the equipment supplier, we weren’t able to get a system board in advance to be able to put a system together and install Windows and Office with all updates.

Little Davey GuatemalaThe team arrived on Friday with system boards, memory and hard drives in their carry-on luggage. Friday night was a short night was we put together a system and prepared the master disk. We spent Saturday building computers and network cables. Because of the late start on imaging hard drives, we weren’t able to finish on Saturday. But after church and lunch, we worked two hours on Sunday afternoon to finish assembling computers and preparing each school’s “stack” of boxes.

Schools visits were planned for Monday through Thursday to deliver the 75 new computers and set up the new computer labs:

  • Little Davey GuatemalaOn Monday we set up computer labs in two LACC schools in Guatemala City, each receiving 14 computers. Both schools had prepared a special welcome that included an assembly of students with songs, drums and xylophones and dance, some dressed in typical Guatemalan costume. The schools gave each team member a small gift.

  • On Tuesday we visited two LACC schools in Palin, Escuintia and Guazacapan, Santa Rosa, located about two hours south of Guatemala City. Each of these schools also received 14 computers.

  • Little Davey GuatemalaOn Wednesday we visited the LACC school in Teculutan, Zacapa, located about 2-1/2 hours northeast of Guatemala City. All of the students we on the street outside of the school, waving American flags as we drove up. We were impressed to see the hard work of this smaller school to build and condition the new computer room. This school received 12 computers.

  • On Thursday we traveled just 10 minutes from the hotel to the school that represented the greatest need and sacrifice. This LACC school is built on the bank of a ravine, under one of the busiest bridges in Guatemala City. This small school received 7 computers. We’ll share more about this special school in moment. Little Davey Guatemala

At each school, after the school’s welcome, team members and children helped carry computer boxes into the bare computer rooms. We usually spent about an hour unpacking and setting up computer cases, monitors, keyboards and mice. Then part of the team would visit classrooms for a short English and Culture lesson, hug kids and pass out candy. The rest of the team stayed behind to run network cables and test the computers. We then invited children into the lab to sit at the computers. David Kaiser shared a few words with the children, pastor, school director and computer teacher and then lead a prayer of dedication for the new lab. The director was then presented with a bag of soccer balls for the school.

Little Davey GuatemalaLittle Davey Guatemala

There are always things that make each year special for Little Dave Project teams. We were struck by the diversity of people and need. The highlight this year was visiting the Little Davey GuatemalaRoyal Garden School on Thursday. Pastor Luis started the church 10 years ago in a small building under one of the busiest bridges located on the steep bank of a deep ravine. There are hundreds of shacks that line the banks of the ravine, home to thousands of Guatemala’s poorest. Many of these forgotten Guatemalan children didn’t go to school. Pastor Luis started the “Under the Bridge” school seven years ago. It was closed for a couple of years because of lack of permits and permissions. Daren and Heidi worked with Pastor Luis to reopen the school last year. The school currently ministers to 43 children, but this number will grow.

Little Davey GuatemalaLittle Davey GuatemalaThe seven brand new computers at this humble school clearly make a statement. These kids matter! Our prayer is that Pastor Luis and the teachers will use these tools to help these kids out of the ravine!

We were reminded once again of the importance of visionary and passionate leadership. Pastor Luis wasn’t at the school when we arrived. He was finishing classes at the Bible school and would arrive shortly. He shared with me that he is in the second semester of his second year of study. His wife is in her first semester. We are so grateful that in some small way we are helping to raise up leaders like Luis and his wife so that God will use them to reach a world that is lost and without hope.

Little Davey GuatemalaThis was the 10th Little Davey Project team. Since 2005, Little Davey Project has equipped computer labs in six countries with 660 computers! Little Davey Project is committed to facilitating the best technology to give even the poorest the opportunity to become all that God would have them to be. Thank you David and Deborah for your vision. And thank you 2015 Little Davey Project Team – David, Dave, Linda, Karen, Jan, Sue, Bob and Suzi – for blessing the schools and children of Guatemala. We look forward to seeing all of you on the 11th Little Davey Project team in 2016!