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SCCS Youth Paint and Preach
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

SCCS TeamSeventeen youth and adults from Snohomish County Christian School (SCCS) spent 11 days ministering in various schools in the greater Panama City area. Their primary work was to “paint and preach.” They did a great job at both! We have a special connection with SCCS and team leader Carl Aardsma—both of our daughters attended the school for their 10th grade.

SCCS TeamThey spent three days painting at two schools. As follow-up to construction done by Portland Christian Center, the group painted the outside of a strip of four classrooms. In addition, the team returned for the third year to Las Mananitas where they painted two classrooms, hall, a tall stairwell and the end of the secondary school building.

They “preached” in various schools and at a youth service. Their ministry included dramas, testimonies, preaching and question and answer sessions. It was a valuable time of ministry and cultural exchange. They held nine elementary and secondary chapels in five different El Buen Pastor Christian schools (Monte de Sion, Las Mananitas, Tocumen, Jireh and Canaan). They blessed three schools with an abundance of school supplies. Most often the teachers and children must go without. They also ministered in two churches in a youth service and in a Sunday morning service.

SCCS TeamThey held three chapels in a public elementary school and public secondary school and were joined by a group of young people from the school who are part of a ministry program called “King’s Castle.” They visited a number of classrooms at the secondary school where they shared their testimonies. The Panamanian young people were always hesitant to ask questions. But after a time they warmed up to the SCCS group. A hot topic of discussion was the war in Iraq.

SCCS TeamThe team took one day off to travel out of Panama City. They visited a zoo that featured a number of birds and animals indigenous to Panama and Latin America. Then it was off to the beach for fun in the sun. They also visited historic sights in Panama City including the Panama Canal and Old Panama. Of course, they did their share of shopping!

THANK YOU, Carl, R.W., Zach, David R., Darrin, David J., Dick, Kyle, Isaac, Alleen, Anna, Katie, Cari, Beth, Amanda, Jennifer and Teryn for your good ministry in Panama. Always be open to God’s call on your life… maybe even back in Panama!