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Does Latin America Still Need Missionaries?
By Rod Boyd

That was the name of an article I read recently. I think it’s important to answer the question. Because, if the answer is no, then the Boyd family is in the wrong place!

It is true that Latin America is experiencing the greatest revival in history. As a result two-thirds of all Assemblies of God people speak Spanish/ Portuguese! Does that mean that our missionary work is finished? The answer depends upon how you define missionary work.

Let’s use a common experience—fishing—to illustrate. How appropriate, in that the name Panama means "many fish". It our world were one large lake, each country and people group would represent a school or concentration of fish.

We are indebted to the missionary pioneers who with great sacrifice located these "schools" and "fished" for years, often with little success. However, their work was not in vain. Some fish were caught and those people groups were introduced to the gospel and with the "fishermen". Today, many of these schools are "biting". And the fish are so plentiful that the nets are bursting—more fishermen are needed.

We do not know why the Spirit chooses to move among one people group but not another. We don’t know why is the Lord moving so strongly in Latin America. He just is. We have heard much about the 10-40 Window, as well we should. There is a tremendous need among the muslim nations. Yet, if the Spirit is moving in Latin America—if the "nets are full"—shouldn’t our definition of missionary work include helping our Latin America brothers "man the nets"?

We are dedicated to raising up Christian leaders in Panama. Does that fit within the definition? Some plant, some water, but it is the Lord who gives the increase. Some man the pole, some the nets, and some train them to do so. Thank God He continues to give the increase.