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Middletown PA: Final Thrust at Las Mananitas
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Middletown PA at LMGod always sends the right people at the right time to the right place. We had planned that the building team from Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Middletown, Pennsylvania was going to be working at the new central secondary school property. But God had different plans. The architectural plans and building permits were behind schedule at the central secondary school. Glad Tidings was the first team as part of the FINAL THRUST to finish the secondary school building at Las Mananitas. This school of 600 elementary and secondary students is crowded into inadequate facilities, with elementary classrooms loaned to two seventh-grade classes.

Middletown PA at LMA group of 16 men and women led by Pastor Jim Grove were God-sent to begin the final major construction at the school. The secondary building is divided into three sections, each defined by a level of the second-story floor. They poured 32 yards of concrete to finish the final half of the "upper section" of the second-story floor and a walkway that connects the secondary and elementary buildings. They laid block on the first story perimeter that will house the library, administration, classroom and storage. They ran the plumbing for the two restrooms and finished about half of the stairwell. They also laid considerable block at the other end of the building, in the "lower section" that will provide two large science labs and administration of the science department.

Middletown PA at LMThe team fell in love with the children and staff of the school, as well as their fellow Panamanian construction workers. It wasn't unusual to find them visiting the students in their classrooms or see them playing soccer or basketball on the court.

Middletown PA at LMThe team had a tremendous ministry spirit. This was evident in the chapel service held for the upper-elementary classes. They shared Spanish choruses and dramas with the students. Their animated skits were especially enjoyed by all. When they finished the children shared their own songs and choreographies, in both Spanish and English. The team presented two suitcases of school supplies to the director of the elementary section.

Middletown PA at LMSeveral members of the team enjoyed a gondola ride that rises to the rain forest/jungle canopy. The canopy ride is located along the Panama Canal at Gamboa.

The farewell service at the church was Spirit-anointed. After enjoying a worship time with Spanish choruses, the team lead a time of worship with both English and Spanish songs. Pastor Jim then spoke on Elijah and the fire of God. The altar time was precious. The church and school gave each team member a gift at the close of the service.

The team left tire, but with a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Pastor Jim and team for your hard work, dedication and ministry focus.

Middletown PA at LMMiddletown PA at LM

Middletown PA at LMMiddletown PA at LM

Middletown PA at LMMiddletown PA at LM