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Setting the Agenda for Bible Schools
By Rod Boyd

Just two years ago we were asked by the educational leaders of the Assemblies of God in Spanish-speaking Latin America to serve as Advisors for the more than 900 Bible Schools and extensions in the region.  Our time since has been divided between itinerating in churches in the US and developing a relevant agenda to truly make a difference.

2005 DialogueGO… LISTEN…

Several years ago a US airlines aired a commercial. The president of the company enters the sales area and calls everyone around.  He then begins to have his assistant pass out airline tickets, explaining, “We’ve lost touch with ours customers and we’re losing them.  It’s time we go out there and get them back.” As his assistant hands him his ticket he says, “I’m going to Chicago to visit an old friend.”

We’ve met three times with members of our Bible School Commission.  We hosted the 2005 Educational Dialogue where several needs were discussed and three further developed. We are convinced that we have to “go out there.”  So far this year, we’ve been able to visit six national Bible school directors in their offices. We’ve listened to their need and have heard their story.


We feel confident that the following Strategic Agenda will help to meet the major needs that our Bible schools face today.

Educators SummitsPlanning and Promotion of 2006 Educational Summits that will be held in April in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and in June in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We are expecting between 150 and 200 Bible school leaders and educators at each of these events.

Development of a Teacher Training and Certification Program.  The country and ministry leaders in the Dialogue held in Panama in April identified this as a primary need.  We will be working with the accrediting association of the Assemblies of God in Latin America to ensure both basic and ongoing training for Bible school professors and leadership.

Country Diagnostics. Our own Dialogues have taught us about the importance of listening and including leaders in problem solving and program development.  We will be offering country Diagnostic events. National directors will be able to bring their Bible school directors for a time of strategic planning.  The first Diagnostic will be in Panama in November. Diagnostics are planned for the Dominican Republic (Jan. 2006) and Peru (Nov. 2006).

IBADla.netLaunch—Communication Network for Bible Schools.  The website offers sub-domains, web space and email accounts to national offices and local Bible schools.  Each member of the family will have the same “last name”… domain.  The “first name” will be different as the sub-domains will utilize the two-letter Internet abbreviation. For example, Panama is  All countries will easily know the others’ “names” and addresses.  This will greatly facilitate communication and reporting.

Thank you for asking the Lord of the Harvest to help us to raise up Christian leaders in Latin America.