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MAPS Construction and Ministry Teams
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Rod and Sherry with Jireh kidsThanks for your interest in helping with construction and ministry needs in Panama. Since its inception in 1967, the Assemblies of God is now the largest evangelical church in the country. Rapid growth in church and school ministries has created an ongoing demand for new churches, classrooms and school facilities. 

Please write us at for more information. 

Take a few moments to read through the many reports of teams that we have hosted through the years.  Simply click on the MAPS Teams menu to the left to view the reports in the sub-menu.

Following is some helpful information.

Why Panama?  Seven Good Reasons to Come to Panama:

  1. Panama is a fun and fascinating country, rich in history, occupying a strategic position in our world.

  2. Low cost, direct travel puts Panama conveniently within reach for the budget conscious.

  3. Flexible work schedules are provided based upon the individual group. Experiences are tailored to the individual team, from rugged conditions to hotel camping.

  4. Simple and inexpensive construction makes it easy for the novice and expert to build.

  5. Opportunities for mixed teams are available of men, women and youth.

  6. The need is great for building churches and schools. Revival has brought unprecedented growth to Panama!

  7. The children of Panama need your help!

Agawam MAPS teamImportant Information

CONSTRUCTION… Typical construction uses: concrete floor, re-bar reinforced concrete or I-beam columns and block walls, “C” channel or I-beam welded joist roof system, with zinc sheet metal roof attached with rubber grommet screws. Most often, the foundation and support columns are already installed when the group arrives. Team members should bring basic hand tools, electric saws and drills. A concrete mixer is available.

TEAM… Typical MAPS trips to Panama are 8-10 days.  Mixed groups of 10-15 men and women are ideal. Teams should plan on working at least 5 full days. In some cases mixed groups of adults & youth function well.  At least one-third of the team should be experienced builders, with some having experience in masonry, concrete and welding.

Block layersCOSTS…

Construction offering.  Each MAPS team should raise $15,000 for construction materials and local labor. If the team will be working more than 5-6 days on the construction site, or if it is a larger team, we ask that the team raise $20,000 or more depending upon the project, size of team and length of stay. For smaller teams and in some unusual circumstances, a minimum of $10,000 may be acceptable.

Airfare varies widely from $500 to $800.

Food and Hotel.  Daily food and lodging costs will average from $40 to $60 per person, per day, based upon the hotel used. 

Ground transportation.  The Panama missionary field has a 15-passenger van available on a first come, first served basis at a cost of $50 per day plus fuel.  Commercial rentals will run at least twice this amount.

Cute kids!PANAMA… Panama is a hot and humid, tropical country. Cotton clothing is a must. The heat and humidity make for extreme working conditions. Frequent water and rest breaks are important. Sunscreen is a must. We choose to house teams in hotels that have air conditioning for the same reason. Panama is also a country rich in history and strategic to the world. There are many things to see and places to visit, especially near Panama City. Spanish is the official language. However, many speak “some” English. The water is safe to drink in Panama City. Crime is high and precautions should be taken to guard valuables, including your passports. Panama’s electrical system is 110, so typical electric tools, hairdryers, electric razors, video camera battery chargers, etc. will work just fine. The US dollar is the official currency of Panama. Checks on US banks and US traveler’s checks are NOT normally accepted due to a three-week wait required when cashing them. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted.

MAPS buildersProjects

Please visit the School Projects page for a description of current building projects available for building teams.

Please write us at for more information.