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Wenatchee/Spokane Team Continues at Las Mananitas
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Wenatchee-Spokane at LMWe're almost halfway there... thanks to a generous group of volunteer construction workers. Twenty-one men, women and young people from Wenatchee First Assembly of God and Spokane New Life Assembly cut their Thanksgiving celebrations short to come to Panama to continue construction on the Las Mananitas High school. They arrived the Friday after Thanksgiving and stayed nine days. The team proved very flexible when faced with a change of plans and heavy rains.  

The building is designed to be two stories. This team began work on joining two classroom pavilions under one roof. The system of building the second story floor (which will serve as the temporary roof this year) required leaving the blocking of the long walls until after the flooring system is complete.  

Wenatchee-Spokane at LMAlthough they were not able to block as much as expected, they accomplished a great deal. They finished the last four support columns, a highlight of the week. The "human chain" that moved concrete made pouring these columns quick and easy. All four were poured in a single afternoon! Foundation work was completed and the floor back-filled. Both end walls, including five windows, were erected by the end of the week.  Some of the men were a special blessing to our family. In God's timing, our hot water tank and car both "broke down" while the team was here. An electrician and mechanics were able to "get us up and running" again. Thanks men!

Wenatchee-Spokane at LMPastor Jerry Beebe and Pastor Steve Williams were extraordinary examples of hard workers for the team. Team leader Mike Erho was such a blessing. Fellow missionaries Steve and Amy Shoop were also a great help. Steve was youth pastor at Wenatchee First for several years. Amy grew up in the church. The team enjoyed touring also. Places visited included the Panama Canal, Old Panama, Mi Pueblito, Gambao and the historic town of Portobello. A farewell service was held the last Sunday morning. Pastor Jerry preached a wonderful message. Pastor Steve and a couple others joined the praise band. Pastor Samuel from the school's sponsoring church recognized the team for their hard work.

Wenatchee-Spokane at LMA special highlight of the week was the Christmas party held for the LACC children at Las Mananitas on Friday. The ladies helped Sherry to prepare for the party and then helped at the party to distribute gifts, help children write thank you letters to their sponsors, serve Christmas cookies and punch. The Wenatchee team was able to meet the boy they sponsor and give him his Christmas gift personally. In addition, a few members of the team decided to sponsor a child and were able to meet their child and in some cases other members of the family.

Wenatchee-Spokane at LMWe simply would not have been able to go on with construction without the work and generosity of this team. We will be able to provide a classroom for the 12th graders next year as well as a second classroom for ninth graders. There will also be a small office for the high school. This construction is much more expensive because of the flooring system for the second story. In addition to the funds provided by the team, the school is contributing a substantial amount. We are also apply missions funds raised during deputation. Please pray with us as we need an additional $10,000 to complete these rooms by the end of February. If you are able to help, please send your offering to:

Division of Foreign Missions
Las Mananitas High School Project 7794
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

Enrollment in 1999 in the high school was 204, in seven classes. The two additional classrooms will allow us to expand up to 275 in nine classrooms. God bless you for your prayers and generosity for this worthy project.