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Calvary Christian Assembly (Seattle) Advances LARTC Housing Building Construction
Rod and Sherry Boyd


CCAWe're so grateful for the work of a small team from our home church, Calvary Christian Assembly, Seattle, WA who spent 9 days with us in June.  Pastor Steve Pecota led this group of six in their work to "wire" the first floor of the new Phase 2 Housing Building.  Good friend Bill Donnelly was a part of the group.  He came three days early and stayed an additional day to help gather materials and coordinate the preparation work ahead of the team.

The team worked quickly to pull both electrical and data/telephone wire in the pvc pipe that had been run in the walls and floor during construction.  They ran into two or three pipes that were blocked or damaged and had to either break the pipe if it was in an area where there was access or in one case, had to run a new pipe above the area of the suspended ceiling.  Our priority was for them to run wire for the 10 guestrooms for outlets, lights, data and telephone.  CCA

We were also hoping to have the conduit run for the rest of the building while the team was there--an area representing about 25% of the floor space that includes the commercial kitchen, pantry, laundry, staff bathroom and storage room.  Because we weren't able to finish the conduit, instead we shifted half of the team to work on the suspended ceiling aluminum framework.  This team was able to finish six of the 10 guestrooms.


CCAA whole day was taken in running the main line conduit from the building one electrical room to the building two electrical closet.  Four thick cables were then bundled together and attached to the "pull rope" that had been run in the main pipe as it was put together.  It took the whole team to push and feed while a Panamanian crew pulled, with the help of a pick-up truck!

CCAElectricity is now "hot" in the housing building.  In the next few days the wires will be connected to the panel and circuit breakers installed.  The remaining rooms in the building will be "wired."  Let there be light!

During work days, Sherry prepared a lunch for the team in the LARTC "production" kitchen, located in the building one production area.  The last day the team invited nine from the Panamanian crew to join them for lunch.  Jose Quintana, friend and general contractor, joined us in recognizing each team member with a tagua (palm ivory) figurine and some Panamanian coffee.  The CCA team commented about how much they enjoyed working alongside our Panamanian brothers.


CCAWe visited two different churches on Sunday, then lunch and a drive through Panama City.  During the week, we attended the two chapel services at the Getsemani Good Shepherd School.  The school has grown so much that they fill the sanctuary two times with the chapels.  Pastor Steve shared an inspiration devotional about how God wants to use Panama and each of its citizens to bless the world.  After the hard workd, the team visited the Panama Canal Visitor Center and the French Quarters in Old Panama, with a late lunch at our place, enjoying some spectacular views from the roof top of our apartment building.

CCAFor such a small team, this CCA Strike Force accomplished an amazing amount of work.  Because of our time crunch, we can't imagine getting the 10 guestrooms ready for occupancy by July 31st without the CCA team.  Thank you, Pastor Steve, Bill, Ron, Andy, Bob and Krystal for all your hard work.

Are you able to help with this deserving project?  Please click here for the Assemblies of God secure donation page or send your offerings to:

Assemblies of God World Missions
Project 14295 - LARTC
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO  65802

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