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Training the Trainers
By Rod Boyd

Nineteen years ago, on a Sunday night at church, the Lord spoke to us through a missionary. He stated during his message, “If you don’t have a good reason not to go, you need to go.” This was the prophetic word that we needed to launch out into missions. The Lord had been speaking to us, but we just weren’t sure what we should do; and weren’t sure what we would do as missionaries.

The process of “itineration” (visiting and sharing in churches to raise prayer and financial support) was a positive experience that affirmed the missionary call on our lives as a family. Formal and informal training and counsel during those months helped form what would become the slogan of our missionary career: Raising up Christian leaders in Panama. This vision has grown during our 18 years as missionaries. Today we find ourselves influencing educational and training ministries throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America.

As pastors in the States and as missionaries in Latin America, education and training have been the main focus of our ministry. As missionaries the focus is now training ministers to pass on ministry to others. These were Paul’s words to his young protégé Timothy: “Pass on what you heard from me to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others” (2 Tim. 2:2, The Message). We are teaching the teachers; Training the Trainers.


PROCEPA. The surveys that we have conducted in our Bible school conferences since 1996 identify teacher training as the area of greatest need. So in 2008 we introduced a new training program for Bible school teachers and staff called PROCEPA—an acronym in Spanish translated as Certification Program for Professors and Administrative Personnel. This certification is granted by the Latin America Theological Association, the Assemblies of God entity that oversees the accreditation of hundreds of Bible schools in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

PROCEPA offers a basic certificate that requires participants to complete 10 two-hour workshops from a total of 15 that cover a broad range of foundational and practical topics. Most Bible school teachers are pastors who volunteer to teach one class each week to ministers in training.


In 2008, 484 teachers took at least one workshop. The number has grown each year. To date there are 1,489 from 19 different countries. This number continues to grow. We’ve conducted seven PROCEPA Seminars in six different countries so far this year. We have 3 or 4 seminars planned before the end of the year. Our first group of “graduates” is just now finishing their 10 workshops. Our goal is to certify as many as possible of the more than 5,000 teachers teaching in more than 500 Bible schools and extension sites.

Beyond the numbers. Even though these numbers speak volumes, we are most encouraged by the individual stories we receive. National Superintendents and Directors of Christian Education have thanked us for helping to “breathe new life” into teacher training. Even more meaningful to us are the stories of

Thelma was a student of mine in Bible school back in the late 90s. She was a senior citizen back then. God used her and her husband to start a new church in the outskirts of Panama City. Later they were appointed to serve in a national position. Her husband went to be with the Lord three years ago, but Thelma continues as a faithful pastor and is one of our best teachers in the Central Bible School in Panama City! She attended her first PROCEPA seminar last week and received her certificate with the first three gold seals, representing the three workshops she completed.

Efrain works in our office as coordinator of technical services. Efrain is a student of the Word. He enrolled in Bible school three years ago and will be graduating soon. Because of his technical knowledge, he was asked to teach the computer class at the Central Bible School. Efrain attended his first PROCEPA seminar last week and received his certificate and gold seals. What a proud moment it was to give Efrain his certificate! Who knows how God will further use him as he prepares for ministry.

Raising up Christian Leaders… Training the Trainers. There is no greater satisfaction knowing that your efforts are multiplying ministry that will result in a “hundredfold harvest.” Matthew 13:8 in The Message Bible pretty much sums it up: “Some fell on good earth, and produced a harvest beyond his wildest dreams.”

Thanks for praying and giving. Remember, you have a part in that harvest! Keep praying for the PROCEPA program. We will be offering all 15 PROCEPA workshops in both of the Bible School Summits in 2012: April 16-19 in San Jose, Costa Rica and Sept. 10-13 in Lima, Peru.

Boyd Family 1993
First prayer card photo

Boyd Family 1993

El Salvador - June 3-4, 2011

176 attend 6 workshops

PROCEPA El Salvador, June 2011

Rod surrounded by "Angels":  Angel Lopez and Angel Guardado, former and current National Education Directors
Rod surrounded by two Angels

Participants in PROCEPA
Argentina 72
Bolivia 19
Chile 112
Colombia 7
Costa Rica 104
Dominican Rep. 8
Ecuador 177
El Salvador 227
Guatemala 96
Honduras 173
México 14
Nicaragua 80
Panamá 148
Paraguay 12
Perú 9
Puerto Rico 3
Uruguay 50
USA 13
Venezuela 165
Total 1,489
Central Bible School, Panama City 2011

26 attend 3 workshops
Panama City PROCEPA Seminar

Pastor and Bible School Professor
Thelma Dominguez

New Bible School Professor
Efrain Collado