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Little Davey Delivers Again!
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Little Davey 2009Once again, David and Deborah Kaiser and the Little Davey Project blessed five Panama Schools with 50 new computers. The small team of seven carried the internal components and network components in their luggage. They arrived on a Tuesday night and spent all day Wednesday at our LACC office assembling computers and building network cables.

We had our first delivery and installation at the Good Shepherd School in Chorrera on Thursday. This school has experienced solid growth in the last few years; this year they added seventh grade. The ten new computers more than double the size of the computer lab for the school. The team was pleasantly surprised to see two (of the original three) computers still operating that Little Davey built for the school in 2005!

Little Davey 2009The team returned to the office Thursday afternoon to finish assembling the remaining computers and building cables. We had two deliveries and installations on Friday. We had to detour our first delivering because the highway was closed by protesters; but we were able to switch the order of the visits. We blessed the Belen Good Shepherd School in Los Pueblos with 10 new computers, then later the Chepo Good Shepherd School with 8 computers. Both of these schools are in their second year. It’s difficult to describe the looks of astonishment and tears of gratitude from teachers and directors!

On Saturday, we traveled about two hours up the Pan-American Highway to Penonome. The Penonome Good Shepherd School is a small school that has experienced good growth in the last two years. Even though there was no classes on Saturday, there were several teachers, children and parents present. The pastor and director were so grateful for the 10 computers that were installed. The computer lab was a little smaller than expected because part of it had to be used by a classroom because of growth in the school.

Little Davey 2009Little Davey 2009After church and a Panama Canal and shopping tour on Sunday, the team made their final delivery and installation on Monday at the Monte de Sion School. The team attended service at the church on Sunday morning. We were all concerned because the computer lab was not ready for the installation of the equipment. We were amazed to see that everything was ready on Monday morning when we arrived! The Monte de Sion Good Shepherd School received 12 computers. It was such a rewarding experience to see dozens of kids come into the new computer lab and begin exploring the programs that included the multi-media encyclopedia Encarta. The team helped where needed. But mostly the kids helped each other with these new discoveries.

Little Davey 2009In addition to setting up the computer labs, the team also visited classrooms to share about life in the United States and to teach English. This experience is a great boost to the English program in each school. The team blessed the children with candy and gave each teacher a special gift bag that included teaching supplies.

Little Davey 2009Each of the schools also received soccer balls as a donation from Nike in Panama. In addition, the software program Kidspiration was installed on all 50 computers. These donations came as a result of a contact that Little Davey has with these companies. 

Thank you David and Deborah for your vision and leadership, and to each team member—Linda, Jim, Sunita, Jack and Karen—for your contributions to make this campaign so successful. Even though the team was smaller and a little short-handed, this is the first campaign where there were no component failures! Your investment in the lives of hundreds of children and youth in Panama will pay dividends for years to come. Teaching computer gives these kids a chance for a better life. That’s what Latin America ChildCare is all about... transforming the heart, inspiring the mind.

Little Davey 2009 Little Davey 2009

Little Davey 2009

Little Davey 2009

Little Davey 2009