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Newsletters and Video Reports

Rod and Sherry Boyd send the printed newsletter Panorama to supporters, family and friends three times a year.  This is in addition to the monthly or bi-monthly articles that are posted on the Panorama website.  The Boyds also produce periodic video reports, often a part of their monthly articles. 

Panorama Newsletters

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Video Reports

2020-06 June Panorama Video Report

LARTC 2016-02 Lilconton GA MAPS Team Timelapse Construction

Construction Update December 2015 - Latin America Resource and Training Center - View on the LARTC channel on Vimeo

Property Tour December 2015 - Latin America Resource and Training Center - View on the LARTC channel on Vimeo.

2014-2015 Itineration Video - View on the Boyd channel of Vimeo
Latin America Resource & Training Center

Ground Breaking - Latin America Resource & Training Center
View on the Boyd channel of Vimeo

Interviews with a Missionary... Rod and Sherry answer some common questions asked of them as missionaries.

Other Videos:

50th LACC Anniversary 50th Anniversary of LACC schools in El Salvador and 2013 CIELA Congress. Vimeo embedded
Aldo's Story How a young boy inspires a ministry that has installed hundreds of computers in schools in Central America. 16.2 MB
Block Ingenuity How to deliver hundreds of heavy blocks to the 4th story of a new school. 3.6 MB
Ciecad 2010 Report on the 2010 Central America Christian School Congress in El Salvador. 49 MB
Duima: I Will Go Report on the Tennessee Pathfinders building the Good Shepherd School in the Duima Indian village. 16.7 MB
Jireh Typical Dance Presentation of folkloric dances at the Jireh Good Shepherd School in Pedregal, Panama 3 MB
Mananitas Concrete Mixing When pre-mix is too expense, concrete must be mixed by hand.  Though labor intensive, it is actually much faster! 2.4 MB
The Oasis of Peace School Lives Up to its Name Pastor Alexis and Ariela Esquivel share the story of the Oasis of Peace Good Shepherd School in the refugee zone of Juan Diaz out of Panama City.  
Project Tocumen Story of the Tocumen Good Shepherd School. 14.3 MB