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2015 Educators Summit –
Special Dominican Edition!

Rod and Sherry Boyd

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic

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How do you effect change in a nation? This had been the focus of our prayer for the months leading up to the 2015 Educators Summit. The church in the Dominican Republic has had a strong tradition in ministerial training. But they and we have sensed that the Lord had something more for them.  We believed that the 2015 Educators Summit, held Sept. 14-17 in Santo Domingo, was going to be the catalyst for change!

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican RepublicTwo years ago we conducted the 2013 National PROCEPA Seminar in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Two weeks before it began we were told that there would be close to 100 Bible school teachers and directors that would participate in this two-day teacher certification event. On Monday afternoon, four days before the Friday morning start of the seminar, the number had grown to 250. By the time all had registered on Friday morning, 387 Bible school directors, teachers and candidates crowded into the long, narrow auditorium. It was a challenging seminar, but one that gave a great PROCEPA launch to a large group of Dominicans.

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican RepublicAfter the seminar we spoke with Pedro Gomez, National Christian Education Director for the Dominican Republic. We told him that this overwhelming response was evidence that the Cumbre should return to this island nation (shared with Haiti). In 2004 we conducted the 2004 International Educators Summit in the Dominican Republic with 160 total attendance, 92 of those Dominicans. Pedro was excited about the possibility of conducting another Summit and spoke with national leadership.  Weeks following, the date was set, Sept. 14-17, 2015 for this special Dominican edition of the Educators Summit.

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican RepublicWe set the goal for 250-300 participants, 200-250 of those Dominicans. Consulting with Pedro and Nersido Borg, national Superintendent, we decided that it was important to find a more appropriate location for the event. After touring four different hotels and receiving their proposals, the decision was made and the registration price was set. We knew there would be fewer attending because of the higher registration price. However, this would serve as an excellent filter to allow us to focus on those currently involved in ministerial training.

The local committee worked hard promoting the Summit, helping to find funds for those that needed to attend. More than a month before the event we received the news that they had exceeded their minimum goal of 200. In the end, of the 261 in attendance, there were 223 Dominicans and 38 others from 8 different countries.

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican RepublicThe 2015 Educators Summit followed the same theme as the two 2014 Educator Summits in El Salvador and Uruguay. Participants were challenged to Lift Up Your Eyes (John 4:35) to visualize new ministry challenges, new ministers who will need to be trained to fill these needs, and new territories that must be reached with the Gospel. The ten general sessions focused on these three themes. It’s difficult to communicate the charged atmosphere of the event. Good planning, rich worship and a keen focus contributed to an inspiring and life-changing experience.

The PROCEPA teaching certification program continues to motivate our teachers to achieve excellence in their ministry. Teachers are required to take 10 workshops to complete their basic certification. In addition to the 10 general sessions, the Cumbre featured five 90-minute workshop periods. Most of the 223 Dominicans at the Summit also attended the 2013 PROCEPA Seminar, where they took six workshops. Therefore 119 Dominicans were able to complete their basic certification at the Summit and begin their renovation level!  After basic certification, teachers are required to take six workshops every two years.

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican RepublicIn addition, we have worked hard in the last couple of years to activate membership in the Latin American Theological Association. PROCEPA is required to achieve the instructor level. We were able to extend membership to more than 80 teachers during the Summit.

The most memorable moment happened during the last general session. The focus was on lifting up our eyes to look beyond, to new territories. Ministerial training is foundational to mobilizing missions from Latin American countries like the Dominican Republic. At the end of the session, Nersido Borg, Assemblies of God National Superintendent publicly commitment the executive leadership of his country to train and send missionaries to other lands. We and other missionaries present were able to lay our hands and pray for the executive leadership as they move forward to mobilize missions in the Dominican Republic.

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican RepublicWe truly believe that the course of the church in the Dominican Republic is being changed. We’re grateful that we had a part in energizing their vision to train workers who will plant dozens of churches in their country and will go to foreign lands to preach the gospel.

Our attention now moves to planning the 2016 Educators Summits that will take place April 18-21 in Panama City, Panama and August 22-25 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Our theme for 2016 is People of the Spirit.  We are trusting that God's Spirit will continue to call, unify and anoint his church in Latin America to be a force for evangelism and missions in our continent and on every continent of our world!

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support. You are part of an incredible training and mobilization movement that is preparing workers for the final harvest.

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic 2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic 2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic

2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic 2015 Educators Summit - Dominican Republic