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Help Is On the Way!
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

We’ve had three churches contact us about bringing a construction team to Panama in 2012. We need help to complete construction of the Chepo Good Shepherd School. But Chepo is just one of many school projects. We have three large projects waiting in the wings! Our continuing prayer request is that the Lord would send:

  • Building teams to partner with our schools;

  • Additional funds so that building can continue between teams; and

  • A building coordinator to join the ministry team here in Panama.

God is answering our prayers!

Randy and Lynne Forsyth and family

Meet Randy and Lynne Forsyth. Randy and Lynne first came to Panama in 2000 as members of the Portland Christian Center construction team that built the first three classrooms of the second phase of the Canaan (Santa Librada) Good Shepherd School. This team also launched the Jehovah Jireh Good Shepherd School construction the same year. Randy and Lynne have returned to Panama several times. They have worked on five different school construction projects! Their three daughters joined them for the last two trips. And now they’ve caught the missions bug!

Randy and Lynne ForsythA few years ago the Lord began to speak to them about returning to Panama as Missionary Associates to help with construction of Latin America ChildCare schools. They have been waiting for the right time for the family. In the meantime, their ministry has grown and developed. The time has now come. They are on the homestretch of raising their missionary budget. As Missionary Associates they are not allowed to “itinerate” to raise their support. They depend upon individual support from family, friends and others who believe in what they will be doing. Randy and Lynne are a quality couple with a beautiful family. They believe in Latin America ChildCare and have sponsored children children in our schools for many years. We anticipate that they will be involved in much more than construction.

Randy and Lynne ForsythWould you consider helping them? Randy and Lynne have made a 2-3 year commitment. They have $1,425 in monthly commitments left to raise and they need individuals who would be willing to make a $25, $50 or $100 monthly commitment. These monthly commitments underwrite their budget requirements for salary, housing, transportation and insurance. They must also raise a cash budget to cover expenses for travel, language training and one-time housing expenses.

We are writing YOU because we need THEM. Following are the links for making a monthly commitment or giving a cash offering through the AGWM secure website:

Randy and Lynne Forsyth and familyConstruction Projects. There were just 6 schools in Panama when we arrived in 1995 with 1,250 students. Today there are 33 with 7,500 students! Most of these schools have been started in the last 8 years. These schools start small, offering just kindergarten and maybe first grade, using Sunday school classrooms. They add a grade each year and God blesses! At any one time we have 10 or more schools asking us to help them build classrooms and other school facilities.

The demand has increased in the last few years. And because of expanding responsibilities our time available for construction is decreasing. We need Randy and Lynne right now! Our hands are full with the Chepo project. We will need at least six more building teams to finish construction. We are also anticipating that 3 new construction projects will begin in the next two years. Two are school expansion projects at Tocumen and Oasis de Paz. The third is the construction of the Regional Service Center that will house both Latin America ChildCare for Panama and Central America as well as the Panama Resource Center for Bible Schools and the Latin America Education Office. The Regional Service Center project alone will take a few years to build.

Randy and Lynne Forsyth and familyThank you for praying for us! Thanks for praying and supporting these worthy school and ministry projects. Now we ask you to join in praying for and support Randy and Lynne as reach for the finish line so that can get here to Panama as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to contact Randy and Lynne directly at or