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Portland Christian Center Advances
LARTC Phase 2 Building Construction

Rod and Sherry Boyd

A mixed team of 12 men, women and youth from Portland (OR) Christian Center (PCC) returned the end of March, giving two weeks to block the first floor of the Phase 2 housing building. In addition to a commercial kitchen, pantry, laundry and storage area, the Phase 2 building includes 10 guestrooms, each with its own bathroom (See the floor plan below). The second floor of the Phase 2 building will provide an additional 14 guestrooms.

This small PCC crew was extra special. We often talk about an anointing over preachers and others in ministry. But if there ever was an anointing over a building team, this group had it! The Panamanian crew worked alongside the PCC team, mixing mortar, cutting rebar and forming and pouring bond beams. This allowed the PCC team to focus on laying block. The team was able to complete more than three-quarters of the block work on the 10 guestrooms. During their 10 days of work they were able to lay over 5,000 block. The Panamanian team has continued working on the building in the last several weeks. They are just now finishing the final block work ahead of another team that will be arriving on June 15th to work on the electrical wiring.

Both the PCC and Panamanian workers gathered together each morning for a time of devotions and prayer. Daniel, one of the teens on the PCC team, translated from both English to Spanish and Spanish to English. This devotional time helped to bond the two teams together and we believe the Lord honored our prayers for protection and strength!

The PCC team worked a full two weeks, but took the weekend between off to rest and tour. Saturday morning, we crossed the isthmus of Panama to visit the Gatun Locks and Visitor Center for the Panama Canal. The new visitor is elevated and provides a breathtaking view of the bay and entrance to the Canal. We had the team over to our apartment at the end of the tour day.

On Sunday we visited three different churches that have schools. Our first stop was to visit the Jehovah Jireh Church. After a beautiful time of bi-lingual worship and a greeting from the church, we toured the school facilities. Three different PCC teams participated in the construction of both a two-story building (2000) and a four-story building (2007 and 2008). There are 651 children and youth, kindergarten through 12th grade, attending this school! Our last church to visit was the Good Shepherd Family Church. Pastor Julio welcomed us into service. After service concluded members of the church visited with team members that were a part of the school and church construction in 2000 and 2001. More than 800 children and youth, kindergarten through 9th grade, attend the Canaan Good Shepherd School.

Thank you, Dave (team leader), Jim, Sherry, Terry, Vi, Steve, Arlen, Nate, Joyce, Emma, Daniel and Joel, for your hard work. You have been our anchor in this project and we couldn’t do it without you! God will use your investment in the Latin America Resource & Training Center and multiply it to equip dozens of international and national leaders and thousands of teachers and directors who are reaching and training thousands more!

PCC, we hope to see you back next year! If so, the rooms that you building will be ready for you! For now and for the coming weeks, please join us in praying that the first floor will be finished by the end of July. We have 35 pastors and leaders from Panama and surrounding countries that will be taking advanced studies for the whole month of August!

We have had a great response to our call for help that went out six weeks ago with more than $20,000 given and another almost $10,000 committed. We still need at least $50,000 to complete the needed guestrooms by the end of July. Please help if you can. You can use this direct link to access the project's secure A/G giving page. Or you can mail your check to:

Assemblies of God World Missions
LARTC Project 14925
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

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