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Technology Campaign 2002
By Rod Boyd

4 Tech guysA team of three technicians, led by Ezekiel Hansen, from Calvary Temple Seattle assembled 50 computers in three days. The internal components--motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive-- were purchased and brought from the US. Zeke works professionally as a computer technician. All were amazed at the reliability of the components. Of the 50 sets of components, there was just one main board that arrived not functioning.

Panama's Good Shepherd Christian Schools have worked hard to put together the modest computer labs that they have. But it is not enough. Schools of 100 or 200 may have just one or two working computers.

Keith and JoshDistribution to the final four schools will take place in a few days. In all, the computers will be distributed among 15 Christian schools including the Central Bible School in Panama City, where a new computer lab is being put together.

The team delivered six new computers at Las Mananitas. This school has both an elementary and a secondary school, each with its own computer lab. The team also upgraded both hardware and software in a number of existing computers at Las Mananitas. The team also delivered four computers to the Gonzalillo school.

Tech ZekeAll of our Christian schools attempt to teach computer technology. They understand that this knowledge will provide a better future to students. The new 50 computers will help our schools offer a better education to the more than 3,500 children and young people, and 150 adults studying in the Bible school. For some schools, the computers they will receive will be the start of their computer lab!

Las Mananitas receives computersThank you, Calvary Temple Seattle, for the thousands of dollars invested in providing the internal components for 50 computers and operating system software for nearly half. And thank you to many others that gave offerings to help with expenses related to the other components and software. Your investment helps fulfill the gospel's promise of a better future.