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SCCS Students Reach Out to Schools
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

SCCS TeamFifteen students and three leaders from Snohomish County Christian School spent six days of April in evangelism and ministry at seven schools and a local church. Both Stephanie and Jennifer attended this school during their sophomore years (1993-94 and 1998-99). SCCS sent a team to Panama last year. Several of the young people returned this year with teacher Carl Aardsma.

SCCS TeamThe team ministered in five of the El Buen Pastor schools in the Panama City area in the mornings, ministering to more than 1,600 students. They shared two dramas that clearly presented the gospel and the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Several shared their testimony of God's grace in their life.

SCCS TeamThe team looked forward to their return to the El Buen Pastor School at Las Mananitas, where they had based the year before. After their ministry to the 600 students in the morning, they went up to the second story of the secondary school under construction. Here they prayed for the specific needs of this school, including the urgent construction needs.

The team also held outreaches in two public schools, presenting the gospel and passing out Scripture and evangelism materials. They presented the gospel in a large elementary school located in Pedregal to more than 500 children. All of the children were led in a prayer of salvation.

SCCS TeamThey also presented the gospel in a junior high in the same community with 800 students. This school is located in a "zona roja" (red zone)--a Panamanian expression that describes a high crime area of the city. The word "pedregal" means "rocky." It's difficult to describe the encounter the SCCS students had with the Panamanian students. This is probably the first time a group of North Americans have visited this school. The Panamanian students were very curious. Some were rude. Rocks were thrown at one of the students during the drama presentation. But the gospel was clearly presented. The students were given the opportunity to receive Christ. At the end, the Panamanian students surrounded the SCCS students for their autograph. The SCCS students left feeling that they had broken up some of the rocky ground at Pedregal.

SCCS TeamThe team ministered at two services at a local church over the weekend. Saturday night was spent at a youth service. They shared their dramas and testimonies with the Panamanian young adults that made up the "youth group" (a Panamanian young person stays in youth into their 20s). Then three Panamanian young adults shared their testimonies of deliverance from drugs and suicide. The SCCS team was impacted greatly. The team shared a drama and testimonies at the Sunday morning service. The two groups of young people really connected.

SCCS TeamAfter an afternoon of seeing the sights and shopping the team came to our house for dinner and “debriefing.” The team had been studying John 15 about the vine and the branches. They had seen first hand the importance of staying connected to the vine. Some talked about wanting to commit their lives to missions. They realized that their lives had been touched as much as those that had received their ministry.

Thank you Mr. Aardsma and team for your good ministry in Panama!