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Potomac MAPS Team Launches
Gonzalillo School Construction

By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Potomac team at GonzalilloPastor Victor Rivas came to my office to talk with me almost a year ago. He asked for helped with the construction of classrooms. This vibrant church located in the community of Gonzalillo, 10 miles from Panama City, started a school a couple years ago. Their 60 students are crowded into small Sunday school facilities. They were able to manage this year. But without outside help, the growth of the school would stall. The school currently offers kindergarten through 3rd grade. The school will be able to offer fourth grade next year as well as move one of the classes from the church's prayer room.

Potomac team at GonzalilloThe two new classrooms are much larger than the school's current rooms and will allow for larger groups of students. God always sends the right help at just the right time... although He pushes the limit! He was so excited when we told him that a team was coming to build two classrooms! Over the course of two months the church took up offerings to assist with the construction. We were able to advance additional funds from the team to do the preliminary foundation, column and roof works.

Potomac team at GonzalilloWhat a difference 10 days can make! When the group's thirteen men and women from six different churches from the Potomac District (Washington DC/ Virginia area) arrived, completed the block work and floors for the two classrooms. They also built a stairway.

Pastors Dave and Linda Nichols, MAPS directors for the Potomac District, lead this hardworking group. We were impressed by this group's experience and flexibility. They were willing to do whatever. This was especially evident with the difficult physical work required. Members of the group mixed concrete and mortar, moved blocks and dirt, and leveled the classroom floors.

Potomac team at GonzalilloThe highlight of the team's time here was the chapel service and the visit by the school to the construction site. The group worked hard to collect school supplies and play equipment. They brought trunks of pencils, paper, scissors, glue, tape, staplers, balls, paints, etc. The director and teachers were overwhelmed by the generosity of the team.

After the team returned to work, each class came to present members of the team with thank you cards and to share songs in English and Spanish. God impressed upon us the difference we are making in the young lives of these children! This team was building more than just classrooms.  

Thank you pastors Dave and Linda, Mike and Debbie, Mary Jane, Mackie and Stephanie, Fred, Steve, Todd, Chris, Marlene and Dave. You were such a blessing to the children and staff of the El Buen Pastor School at Gonzalillo!

Potomac team at Gonzalillo

Potomac team at Gonzalillo

Potomac team at GonzalilloPotomac team at Gonzalillo

Potomac team at Gonzalillo