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Little Davey Project 2018:  Target El Salvador
Rod and Sherry Boyd

Little Davey 2018 - El Salvador

Little Davey 2018 - El SalvadorThe destination for the Little Davey Project 2018 was El Salvador. David and Deborah Kaiser led the group of twelve that included two first-time members. Little Davey’s 2018 trip is their 13th, returning back to El Salvador which they visited back in 2010.

Missionaries Bob and Cilina Bueno who serve as ChildHope coordinators and board president of the 37-school network called Rev. John Bueno Christian Schools, worked with local director Julio Valencia to choose six schools that would receive the 75 new computers. ChildHope and the local program purchased the monitors, case, keyboard/mouse and battery backup, while Little Davey Project purchased the internal components: motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive.

Little Davey 2018 - El SalvadorAssembling and configuring computers was complicated by the ongoing shift from desktop to mini computers. By the end of production day (Saturday), the team had assembled and configured 37 of 45 desktops and configured 25 of 30 minis. The remaining computers were finished on Monday afternoon, after the first day’s visits.

The team spent four days, Monday through Thursday, visiting six different schools.  The following is a list of the schools and the number/type of computers each received:

Day School Computers
Monday Amatepec 15 Desktops
Monday Guadalupe (Soyapango) 10 Desktops
Tuesday Ahuachapan 15 Minis
Wednesday Guatajiagua 10 Desktops
Thursday Comecayo 15 Minis
Thursday Ciudad Arce 10 Desktops
  Total 45 Desktops
30 Minis

Little Davey 2018 - El SalvadorThanks to the good work of Mauricio, director of the technical department for the school network, all six schools were well-prepared for our visit. Our team was impressed with the clean, climate-controlled and secured computer rooms that had desks, chairs and cabling (or wireless access point) ready for the new computers. All six deployments were doubling or tripling the size of existing computer labs. A repeated comment from school directors and computer teachers was how their labs were now “complete,” allowing all the children in a classroom to be able to take computer class at the same time.  This helps with both staffing as well as depth of study.

Two highlights stand out from this year’s trip. First, the team returned to the Guatejiagua school after 8 years.  The Director Maria shared that she and a group of students called the Nehemiah group had prayed in their homes at midnight every day for new computers for several months and that the 2010 Little Davey Team's gift of 10 computers was a direct answer to prayer.  We were amazed to see that the 9 existing computers were the ones the team provided 8 years ago! The 10 new computers more than doubled the computer lab!

Little Davey 2018 - El Salvador

Little Davey 2018 - El SalvadorThe second highlight is from the Comecayo school. As much as teaching computer enriches the life of students and gives them a better chance for a good job, much more important is the spiritual impact made on their lives. We were so touched to watch and isten to the kids sing the worship chorus I Believe in You Jesus. The words to this worship song (below) summarize the heart’s desire of each member of our Little Davey Team!

Thank you, team and all who support this ministry! So many lives are being changed as a result.

I Believe in You Jesus

Today I want to lift my hands to You
Wonderful Jesus, Miraculous Lord
Fill this place with your presence
And see your power fall on those here
I believe in you Jesus
And in what You will do in me… in me… in me

Receive all of the glory
Receive all of the honor
Precious Son of God