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Mount Vernon MAPS Builders at Tocumen
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Mt. Vernon at Tocumen

Mt. Vernon at TocumenA great group of seven men from Viewcrest Assembly of God in Mount Vernon, Washington continued construction at the Tocumen Living Water Christian School late January, early February. Their focus was to continue the block work and bond beams on the second story. This experienced crew far exceeded our expectations! They completely blocked a classroom, lab, teacher's room and about half of the two restrooms. They also formed and poured seven bond beams. They were also able to complete two-thirds of a wall on the first floor for the boy's bathroom.

Mt. Vernon at TocumenThe group was marked by service and teamwork. They did whatever was needed. And they bonded so well with the Panamanian men from the Tocumen church that were working alongside them. Duane was group leader. Joe was the construction foreman and did a great job of keeping the men on task. Theron handled all of the welding chores for the group. But he also manufactured missing cross-members for scaffolding. This hard-working group began early each day and worked late. After visiting three churches on Sunday and a quick lunch, they returned to the church they had built a couple years earlier. It was a beautiful reunion with the pastor and workers. They were please to see the progress that had been made on the sanctuary and new classrooms. Sunday afternoon included visiting the Panama Canal and other sites in Panama City.

Thank you Mount Vernon MAPS Builders for your investment in the lives of children and young people in Panama! Your work along with previous groups and donations, makes it possible for the Tocumen school to double its capacity to nearly 600 children and youth. Last year at this time we were getting ready to return to Panama. The Tocumen school was trying to solve how it would be possible to add a seventh grade class. This year, although on a tight schedule to get the rooms ready, those seventh graders are now going on to eighth grade, and with the room already built! Congratulations to all who had a part in this miracle.

Mt. Vernon at TocumenPlease continue to pray for the Tocumen school. Pray for the continued growth of the school. There were 296 children and youth that attended in 2005. We are believing that there will be 400 this year! Pray that all preparation work will be completed in the next two weeks. Classes begin on Monday, March 13th. Pray that needed funds will come in to cover the needed work. Please visit the Tocumen Project Progress page for the latest updates on the school and how you can be a part of this miracle!