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Bakersfield First Launches LARTC
Atrium Construction

Rod and Sherry

Bakersfield First Launches LARTC Atrium Construction

Bakersfield First Launches LARTC Atrium ConstructionA combined MAPS Construction and medical team arrived on March 3rd from Bakersfield (CA) First A/G. The construction team began work immediately on the row of rooms located behind the back wall. In just three days they completed the block walls of the 14 x 67.5 foot building to bondbeam height.  When finished, this area provides a "breakfast" (meal) serving and staging room, women's and men's multiple restrooms, a family restroom and a large storage room.  

Bakersfield First Launches LARTC Atrium ConstructionWhile block was being laid in the atrium a small team worked on forming and pouring bondbeams on the second floor housing building.  The block and bondbeam teams then switched places.  The blocking team moved to the second floor of the housing building to continue block work on the guestrooms. They completed nearly all of the block work for eight of the 14 guestrooms.  The bondbeam crew completed nearly all of the bondbeam work on the rooms behind the atrium.  The construction team completed an amazing amount of work in just one week!

Bakersfield First Launches LARTC Atrium ConstructionFellow missionaries Miguel and Maria Morales worked with the Bakersfield Medical Team to provide medical and vision screenings that included dispensing a variety of medications and eye-glasses, and much personal prayer for patients. A new church plant at the entrance of the LARTC property is hosting the clinic.  So many have been touched and are new members of this church!

Thank you Bakersfield First for your investment in LARTC and Panama!

Bill DonnellyOur good friend Bill Donnelly spent three weeks with us helping with the electrical work for both the atrium and second floor guestrooms.  Bill became a "Panamanian electrician," working side-by-side with the Bakersfield construction team, to run electrical conduit and place outlet and switch boxes as the walls were going up!  After they left, he worked with our Panamanian team to run conduit and place outlet and switch boxes in the guestrooms on the second floor of the housing building.  He and the crew installed three new electrical panels, pulled wire and connected the new light and outlet circuits.  Thank you Bill!

DREAMING AND PRAYING OUT LOUD...  We are absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of God’s people to rally around us and the LARTC project. You exceeded our $25,000 prayer! We are believing that God will make it stretch to finish eight new guestrooms. Thank you! Please continue to pray with us that God would provide for continued construction of the guestrooms and Atrium.  If you can help, please visit the secure A/G LARTC Giving Portal where you can give immediately and directly to the LARTC project

Thank you for praying and giving. Together we are raising up Christian leaders who are shaping generations of harvest workers!