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LACC: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

The Gift Keeps on Giving“If a picture paints a thousand words… and a face could launch a thousand ships…” Imagine the possibilities of the gift of hope to a child! Individual faces and stories can get lost in the midst of overwhelming need and numbers. But God is faithful to place a person in our path who repaints the picture.

In September, we were privileged to travel to three schools with Reina Barrera, our Latin America ChildCare administrator in El Salvador. After traveling on one of the worst back roads of the country, we arrived to the El Tinteral School in Coatepeque. We were greeted by a group of first graders who were on recess. After engaging one or two with questions we were soon surrounded by the whole class!

The Gift Keeps on GivingIn the middle of this group was little Yoselin, the shortest of all the children. After a time of visiting and hugs, Yoselin offered a piece of “chicle” (gum) from a small box. As children often do, those around her took advantage of her generous gesture to us. Yoselin’s warm smile faded into disappointment when she realized that all of the gum was gone; she didn’t even have a piece for herself!

Rod reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter (yes, El Salvador uses the US dollar and coins). He bent down and secretly passed the quarter to Yoselin with the message “go buy yourself some more gum.” Her face lit up and the smile returned. After exchanging another hug she scampered off. It was such a simple thing.

The Gift Keeps on GivingLast week we had our Christmas party at the Las Mananitas Good Shepherd School located in outskirts of Panama City. This is our second largest school, but the school with the most sponsored children and youth. This was going to be a special party because we would see Yaneth, the young lady we sponsor. And this would be her last Christmas party since she is graduating from high school on December 19th!

The smiles and joy on the faces of the children as they receive the Christmas gift that their sponsors have given are reward enough! Sherry’s mother was with us again this year. She wrapped each of the gifts, praying God’s blessing over the child that would be receiving it. She was able to personally deliver the gift to the little girl that she sponsors at the Canaan Good Shepherd School. She helped with the refreshments at the Las Mananitas party; and took lots of pictures, of course.

The Gift Keeps on GivingThe Gift Keeps on GivingFinally, the 12th graders came in for their party. But Yaneth wasn’t with them. We were told that she had an appointment at the university she would be attending next year. We conducted an informal survey of the 10 seniors (two were missing out the total of 12 sponsored by LACC). We asked, “How many of you are going on to university studies?” All 10 of them raised their hands!

Is LACC a “gift that keeps on giving”? YES! Your monthly sponsorship gift is an investment that is preparing a receptive child and godly young person to give back to God and country, taking his or her productive place in society and God’s service. Your Christmas gift models God’s impartial love for others, teaching your child to be equally generous. And those special times when your prayers, letters, photos, stickers—or even a box of gum, given at just the right time—lifts the heart of a child whose life is marked by challenge and disappointment.

The Gift Keeps on GivingYes, LACC is a gift that keeps on giving! Are you sponsoring a child through Latin America ChildCare? If you are, thank you! If you aren’t, you can! We currently have nearly 400 children and youth in Panama that are waiting for a sponsor… the most we’ve ever had waiting. Please help. Call the LACC office at 1-800-289-7071. Or visit the Panama page at the Latin America ChildCare website ( where you can choose that special child that needs your help.