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Latin America Resource
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LACC International Dialogue
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

LACC International Dialogue

We’ve been involved with Latin America ChildCare our whole missionary career. LACC has helped to launch school programs in nearly every country in Latin America and the Caribbean. LACC’s specialty is “helping poor kids go to Christian school” by offering sponsorships. Missionaries serve as an important link between LACC and the national school programs. Our Christian school network now numbers more than 450 schools in 20 countries with a school population of nearly 100,000 students. LACC is directly involved with 300 of those schools.

LACC International DialogueWe have been privileged to be a part of the LACC leadership team. Our immediate responsibilities include coordinating the Central America program and leading the Data System Commission. As advisors to the Christian school programs in these countries, we recognize the importance of international coordination and support. However, there have been very few international meetings. That all changed with the first LACC International Dialogue, held in Panama City May 30th through June 2nd. One national representative (the national director in those countries that have developed such a position) and the LACC missionary country coordinators were invited to participate. 21 National leaders and 32 missionaries attended.

LACC International DialogueWe utilized the same Dialogue methodology that we have used in our International Bible School Dialogues (reports; nomination, prioritization and selection of themes; small group work and reports; resulting initiatives). Seven groups worked on topics ranging from confronting violence and strengthening values, to teacher training; from improving the relationship between school and local church, to strategic planning; from improving Christian education to exploring ways to improve teachers’ salaries. A list of viable initiatives was developed and adopted by the body.

The LACC leadership team met following the dialogue. We acknowledged that no international body exists to implement the initiatives. Each regional coordinator will continue to consult with the national leaders and missionary coordinators in his region. The Central America follow-up meeting will be the first week of November.

LACC International DialogueThank you for praying for Latin America ChildCare and for the national leaders, teachers and schools. But mostly, we want to say thank you to those who personally sponsor a LACC child. Your are providing hope… one child at a time!