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Latin America Resource
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Welcome to Panorama, website of Rod and Sherry Boyd, missionaries to Panama, serving the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.  Below are our most recent reports and articles.  Other information, articles and reports are available from the menu system to the left.

LARTC Is Taking Shape
LARTC is shaping up with the addition of the concrete floor and columns in the Atrium and the roof and outside walls in the Training/Admin addition.
Eastridge Church Launches LARTC Phase 4 Construction
A small team from Eastridge Church accomplished big goals blocking exterior walls for the Phase 4 Training/Admin addition and 100 feet of perimeter wall.
Eastridge Luanches LARTC Phase 4 Construction
Monumental Ministerial Training
Two strategic meetings hosted in LARTC facilities shape ministerial training for years to come.
Monumental Ministerial Training
Plan 2033
The church turns 2000 years old in 2033.  What will the ministerial training program look like then?  How will we be preparing harvest workers?
Plan 2033
LARTC Update: Finishing Well
2018 Construction update that includes a report on overall progress and projections for 2019.
LARTC 2018
A ChildHope Christmas
ChildHope means compassion, education and transformation.  This is never more true than at Christmastime!
A ChildHope Christmas 2018-12
Back-to-Back: Educators Summit and LA Education Ministries Board Salvador
Two back-to-back meetings were held in Cordoba, Argentina the end of August... landmark decisions will mark training for years to come.
2018 Educators Summit - Cordoba, Argentina
Little Davey Project 2018: Target El Salvador
David and Deborah Kaiser lead a team of 12 to assemble and configure 75 computers for six schools in El Salvador.
Little Davey 2018 - El Salvador
Summit Vision: 2018 International Educators Summit and LARTC Vision
420 Attended the 2018 International Educators Summit, April 16-19 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The Summit experience serves well to illustrate the vision of the Latin America Resource & Training Center.
2018 Educators Summit - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Bakersfield First Launches LARTC Atrium Construction
A strong team from Bakersfield First (CA) advances block and bondbeam work on the LARTC Atrium and conduct medical clinic in the community.
Bakersfield First Launches LARTC Atrium Construction
A Giant Awakening... Saltillo, Mexico Report
Nine hundred Bible school teachers attend the training conference in Saltillo, Mexico... a giant is awakening!
A Giant Awakening... Saltillo, Mexico Report
LARTC Atrium Building Three Construction Launches
The first week of January we launched construction of the Atrium building that connects the two existing wings!  Bakersfield First will begin block work March 2nd!
LARTC Atrium Construction
Action Bible Distributions Begin
Distribution of the new Action Bibles received last year began months ago.  We've now distributed about a fifth of the Bibles in eight schools with wonderful results!
Action Bible
Two Teams Advance LARTC Construction
Two teams - Grove Church (Marysville, WA, October) and Eastridge Church (Issaquah, WA, November) - Complete 50% of block work on the second floor of the LARTC Housing building!
What a Difference Two Years Have Made!
In just eleven short months the Phase Two Housing Building has reached 65% of construction complete!
2017 CIECAD Congress: Shaping an Extraordinary Generation
More than 500 teachers, directors and pastors from 154 Central American Christian schools convened the 2017 CIECAD Christian School Congress.
2017 CIECAD Congress